Singer Reimagined, the brand initiating a turning point in watchmaking

Inspiration is the key to success. Whoever opposes it, stand up or never speak again.

From Nike to Tesla through Apple, all these brands inspire their audience before selling a product.

But what about watch brands? Do they seek to inspire?

In recent years, we have seen the rise of independent brands. Each of them having in common the fact that they are human. The contact with the creator is feasible: being direct, it reinforces the attachment that the enthusiast has with the brand because, finally, he feels considered.

Day after day, year after year and hour after hour, I am in contact with these brands. More precisely, I am in contact with the people who make these brands live. For me, the product is only the conclusion of a human adventure.

I have this closeness with Singer Reimagined and I would like to show you why this brand in particular stands out from the rest.

The watch, conclusion of a human adventure

The watch is highlighted even though it is only a small part of the entire brand. In the case of Singer Reimagined, by reinterpreting the chronograph complication, they have set themselves apart from the others. Resulting from hundreds of hours of thought and hard work, its mere contemplation cannot provide an understanding of what it really is.

It is by talking to those who have worked on the product that we can fully understand it.

Marco Borraccino

Marco Borraccino

Singer Reimagined

Aujourd'hui, nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter Marco Borraccino, le co-fondateur de la marque Singer Reimagined. Ce designer va revenir sur sa carrière et vous raconter son aventure entrepreneuriale.

Marco Borraccino

Singer Reimagined

Il y a deux ans nous vous faisions découvrir Marco Borraccino et sa marque Singer Reimagined. Aujourd’hui nous voulions revenir avec Marco sur son expérience, son aventure entrepreneuriale et les enseignements qu’il en retire...Un moment unique, plein d’humanité et de passion.

For me, the attachment to the brand began with an encounter. I was lucky enough to meet Marco before discovering his creation. I was able to understand the man and his desires before understanding the product. I was surprised by the extent of the possibilities resulting from his vision and his creative desire. When I pick up a Singer Reimagined, I try to understand what he wanted to explore and express.

When I look at the Flytrack and Track 1 collections, I see a first step that has been taken. A timid but necessary step to make people understand and accept their approach step by step.

They had to come up with an innovative product that remained within the codes of watchmaking. The mistake would have been to come up with a product that was too new, which would have frightened people and thus drastically slowed down the brand’s evolution. It could even have killed it before it could spread its wings.

This approach is clever but constraining to the creativity that drives Marco. He had to restrain himself to be able to fully use it once the audience of Singer Reimagined has acquired cause. But to get there, it takes time. The arrival of the Barrista Flytrack is a first step towards a fully creative Singer Reimagined.

By exploring the world of coffee, Singer Reimagined is offering a product that we can use in our daily lives. I don’t know about you, but I don’t use a telemeter or tachymeter every day. Once useful, they have been replaced by other tools.

A turning point for the watch industry?

Singer Reimagined inspires because it offers a product that is usable. The user is considered in the making of the product. We’re not just people with wrists that need to be dressed. We have a daily life in which we live situations to which watchmaking can still respond. And even better, we are considered by the brand.

Singer Reimagine Barton 7 Track1 SKLT Edition watch
Art of coffee Singer Reimagined Flytrack Barista

We tend to assume that the luxury industry offers fantastically useless objects. However, Singer Reimagined shows us that this industry can still take place in our lives as it was before the quartz crisis.

Thanks to Marco Borraccino, and more generally to the independent brands, the luxury industry will perhaps be interested in our daily life and work on new products. This is a first step. The traditional complications will perhaps welcome modern complications that will meet the needs of today’s human beings.

Some people contrast smartwatches with mechanical watches. The sales scores of the tech giants are for some the signals of a certain end for this aging watch industry.

I analyze it in another way. Tech giants are interested in their customers and their daily life, and ask themselves about the problems they meet and that they could solve. The approach is not “product centric” but “consumer centric”.

By restoring passion to the product and putting the human being back at the center of communication, the mechanical watch industry will have a very bright future. The beautiful will find the useful and will become one for our greatest happiness.

Singer Reimagined is part of this turning point. I admire the courage of the teams and I hope to have helped you discover a little more of this brand that is close to our hearts.