Flytrack Barista by Singer Reimagined: meeting point between fine watchmaking and the art of coffee

Singer Reimagined Flytrack Barista

A playful feature that can be used on a daily basis

Spring is coming to an end and as your alarm goes off, the first rays of sunlight begin to penetrate your room. With a flick of the wrist, you pick up your Flytrack Barista from your bedside table and, as usual, slide your finger over the crown to wind its 55-hour power reserve before putting it on your wrist.

The freshness of its steel case excites one of your 5 senses and helps you to wake up.

Now that you’re up with your watch on your wrist, you now head to your kitchen to make yourself a coffee to start the day.

Tourbillon Watch Flytrack Barista Singer Reimagined
Wrist Flytrack Barista Singer Reimagined

You face it, this object of art and design straight from the 70’s is much more than a coffee machine. It dresses up your interior.

This moment, your moment, can finally begin. Like a conductor, you are responsible for the quality of your coffee. No electronics will help you, everything is analog. As the water pressure rises to the ideal heat of 205°, you grind your roasted coffee beans. Be careful, the grounds must be fine enough to get the best flavors.

Now that everything is set, your glance stops on your watch. Its warm colors do not assault your eyes, it captures them and invite them to jump from one indication to another.

Like every morning, you make yourself an Espresso. Nothing could be simpler, you lightly pack your freshly ground coffee beans directly onto your filter and with a flick of your finger, you start your timer. During the first 7 seconds, the extraction starts when the water comes into contact with the ground coffee and after 23 seconds, you stop your machine. Your Espresso is served!

Art of coffee Singer Reimagined Flytrack Barista
Flytrack Barista Singer Reimagined

A symbolic piece for the integration of the Italian market

The first edition of the Flytrack was based on the known chronometric scales:

      – The pulsometer

      – The telemeter

      – The tachymeter

Flytracks Singer Reimagined

The Flytrack Barista is unique! Its chronometric scale alone sets it apart from the rest of the world. With this new edition, Singer Reimagined creates the meeting point between the art of fine watchmaking and the art of coffee. Yes, you read me right, real coffee is an art!

This new edition differs in several ways from its counterparts.

First of all, Marco wanted to create a playful feature that could be used on a daily basis.

In addition, you will notice the presence of hour markers. These are charged in SuperLuminova as well as the minute hand.

Its steel case is also a first in this collection. Its facets and contrasting elements have been hand-polished and their circular satin finish emphasizes the extensive and dynamic lines of the case.

Flytrack Barista of Singer Reimagined

There’s no doubt about it, the Flytrack Barista is very much in the spirit of the Seventies, a time when the aesthetics of products went beyond mere functionality to become objects of art while still performing perfectly. They were made to last, just like Singer Reimagined watches that are made to accompany us in our daily lives so that we create a real connection by using them. The useful is sublimated by the beautiful.

It is with this playful functionality that Singer Reimagined enters the Italian market, a symbolic step for Marco because of his origins.

Our tips for a good coffee

First, your roasted seeds must be kept in a cool, shady and dry place, preferably avoiding any contact with the air during this storage period.

Americano coffee Singer Reimagined

Then, the ground grain must be fine and the water must ideally reach 205 °, otherwise it may burn the pomace or not capture all its flavors. When everything is good, all you have to do is time it. Count 17 seconds for a Ristretto, 30 seconds for an Espresso, 40 seconds for a Lungo and 1 minute for an Americano.

Once the time is up, just enjoy and travel!