Diver 5303 in Serica’s style

If you don’t already know the brand Serica, you can discover it in our previous article about it in which we presented it to you.

In short, the Serica name refers to a Chinese region, which was the most eastern point known by the Greeks and Romans. You could access it by taking the famous Silk Road. Over time and centuries, its language and people have disappeared.

As you can see by its name, the adventure is what makes the brand. That feeling of surpassing oneself provided by the adventure is in its vision: continue to create sports watches that are robust as they are elegant.

Serica 5303

What is a Diver?

Like a wink to the history of that type of watch, the 5303 reference has this name for a reason. It directly refers to its birth.

Let me explain.

In March 1953, both of the first diving watches are presented at Bâle: the Rolex Submariner and the Zodiac Seawolf. That name, 5303, is for the year and the month of this event.

Rolex Submariner - Zodiac Seawolf
Rolex Submariner and Zodiac Seawolf

One can recognize a Diver thanks to its waterproof case, its turning bezel and its large luminescent markers. A Diver must be able to go with its owner during its dive, to indicate how long he is diving with the graduations on the bezel and most of all, it has to be visible and readable under the water, hence its luminescence.

Now that we know all of this, let’s get back to that Serica 5303.

The watch and its characteristics

The brand’s promise is: the diving watch that will follow you outside the water.

Thank God for that because I spend most of my time outside the water. But I challenge you to beat my one-minute apnea record in my bath.

If, like me, your daily uniform isn’t a neoprene suit, the watch’s specifications must allow it to be in your daily life.

Serica 5303-1 et 5303-2
5303-1 and 5303-2 references

This watch includes 7 elements that are taking the codes of the Diver and draw inspiration from them. With the reference 5303, the brand continues to refine both its identity and the performance of its watches. 

In short, the watch is a 39mm diameter steel case with a 12mm thickness. It is a sapphire crystal double domed that overhangs a black or silver lacquered dial with luminescent markers. It is some Broad arrow hands with black or white lacquered finishes, powered by a self-winding Swiss Newton caliber that will make the hands dance for more than 40 hours.

It  also has an 8mm oversized screwed crown for a greater ease for winding and time setting. Finally, it has a ceramic bezel with a polished finish and a double graduation.

For those who want more specifics, here is the technical sheet of that beauty.

Fiche technique Serica 5303

How we feel about it

We have been conquered by this piece. Honestly, it was a pleasure to handle it and to have it on the wrist. Its strap and the shape of its case have been made to make the watch fit perfectly on any wrist.

Lunette Serica 5303
An overview of the level of finish on the bezel

Its price is also attractive. For 1 290€, this watch can be part of your collection. With this level of finishing, it’s a very good deal.

Keep reading and supporting us, and the 5303-1 (black dial) will join my collection. Because our adventure in watchmaking is only at its beginning and that watch will become a chapter of it.

Boîte Serica 5303

We hope to have made you discover that Diver, and if you have any feedback, the comment area is yours.