An immersion in the heart of HYT

Is the product the only ingredient to make a brand?

During a visit to the HYT offices, we took the opportunity to sit down and talk with two very different profiles. We wanted to know what makes the strength of the brand and what drives it. Being mostly in contact with the finished product, we were sure we would find the answers to our questions and we were not disappointed.

The podcast with Davide (only in French) and our talk with him about design had fueled our curiosity and we wanted to share this opportunity with you.

Davide Cerrato

Davide Cerrato


C'est au coeur de Genève, durant la Wonders Week, que nous entamons notre voyage dans l'espace. Chacune des pièces marquent les étapes de ce voyages intergalactique. Chacune est le point de rencontre entre la maitrise de l'art horloger et la science-fiction. Seul HYT peut nous proposer ce genre d'expérience, et qui de mieux placé que Davide Cerrato son CEO, pour nous guider dans ce voyage ?

In this new article, you’ll find out what drives those who work for the success of this brand every day. Our protagonists are Krisztian Kovacs, International Sales Manager, and Carla Rosell, Brand Manager EMEA.

HYT Krisztian Kovacs
Krisztian Kovacs
HYT Carla Rosell
Carla Rosell

What is HYT?

The sun is shining and after a quick tour of the offices, we take a seat in a meeting room. Having already seen each other many times, the exchange is warm. I am eager to start our interview to take a new step in my knowledge of the brand. Each of the products has already passed through my hands and today we take the time to get to know the ones that make HYT.

As an introduction, I asked Krisztian if he could define in three words what HYT is all about. “Innovation, for sure. Knowing the brand and the technique, HYT is super innovative. Creative. Creativity is also a big part of it, especially since Davide is running the ship. And the last one I would say joyful. We have challenges like everyone else, but they are joyful challenges. For me it is a great pleasure to work on rebuilding this brand. It allows me to meet fantastic people from all over the world and we are all working for the same goals.”

Now that the groundwork has been laid, we can continue our adventure by learning a little more about themselves.

How long have you been working for HYT?

Carla: “I have been working for HYT since 2014. I started working for the brand when I moved to Singapore. I left Miami where I was working for Parmigiani to follow my husband to Singapore. Looking for a job, I had an interview with the previous CEO and loved their energy and the project. At that time, the brand was only 2 years old. I was in charge of setting up their subsidiary in Southeast Asia.”

Krisztian: “I joined the brand in October 2021. For me, after having worked for all the big groups in the retail part, it was a great challenge. In our first discussions with Davide, this experience in retail and customer relations was what he was looking for. I immediately accepted this opportunity.

Indeed, how could we refuse such an opportunity! The most obvious thing about all this is the common desire. Despite a strong difference in seniority, Carla and Krisztian share the same desire, fueled by a passion for both the product and the brand.

Krisztian Kovacs HYT
Carla Rosell HYT

What has your work allowed you to achieve?

Carla: “I think it made me realize that I have the best job, because it’s a 360-degree position. In the industry, most people are specialized in one particular area. Whether it’s marketing, retail, etc.

As for me, I do everything. I’m in contact with the customer, I travel to trade fairs, I meet with the press and I make presentations. It’s that 360-degree view of the industry that I love. And on top of that, I get to travel the world. But that’s not all. My job and the structure of the company itself allow me to grow and fulfill myself. That’s one of the best feelings you can have in life.”

Krisztian: “It’s very easy to implement something here. I just go straight to Davide’s office, talk to him about it and we set it up. That’s what I find unique about independants. If you have an idea, you just share it, brainstorm and implement it. It’s kind of dream that my job allows me to realize, in addition to being able to travel and meet a lot of people.

What is equally exciting is that after 10 years, the brand is starting to find its place. We’re going to be able to utilize its full potential.”

Can you define the atmosphere within the company?

Krisztian: “It’s very cool, we are like a family. It’s a family because HYT is a small company with a small structure without much hierarchy. Also because of this structure, we are super dynamic.”

What is your best memory?

Carla: “The memory that has marked me the most is in Mexico. I worked there for 4 years to develop the brand because it was still unknown there. At the launch of the H2O collection, which is relatively close to the Hastroid collection, I was present with the brand at a trade show. People loved it because you could really see the two worlds coming together: the fluidic part and the mechanical part. Seeing the passion and excitement in everyone’s eyes was a pure moment of pleasure that I won’t soon forget.”

HYT Hastroid
Hastroid Green Nebula

What do few people know about HYT?

Carla and Krisztian: “The complexity of our watches! Everyone knows that our watches are complex, but they can’t imagine how complex. For example, machining the carbon bridge of the Moon Runner requires no less than 8 hours of work. And that’s just a small example.”

HYT Moon Runner
HYT Moon runner Pont

If we had to conclude, we could say that HYT, and because of its structure, allows its employees to fulfill themselves. Their common passion for watchmaking but also, and above all, for the brand’s creations, constitute the necessary energy to make HYT live. The ingredients of a brand are first of all a united team, a differentiating product and a creativity that has enough room to express itself.

Does HYT have its ingredients? I’ll let you answer this in the comments…