A journey into space, the new HYT’s epic

HYT’s design is a futuristic and modern mechanical expression with its hybrid display due to its mecafluidic technology. It’s a spatial, spectacular design!

This is how Davide Cerrato summarized HYT.

During the Wonders Week, we had the opportunity to sit down with Davide for a podcast (only in french). It is therefore quite natural, after having introduced us to the new brand, that we went to meet him so he could introduce us to its design.

Davide Cerrato HYT design
Davide Cerrato HYT

What are the ingredients that give life to such UFOs?

Thanks to this discussion, we will be able to educate your palate so you can enjoy these high gastronomy dishes as they should be.

It’s all about experience, volume, movement and imagination.

Davide Cerrato

Davide Cerrato


C'est au coeur de Genève, durant la Wonders Week, que nous entamons notre voyage dans l'espace. Chacune des pièces marquent les étapes de ce voyages intergalactique. Chacune est le point de rencontre entre la maitrise de l'art horloger et la science-fiction. Seul HYT peut nous proposer ce genre d'expérience, et qui de mieux placé que Davide Cerrato son CEO, pour nous guider dans ce voyage ?

A new era of space conquest

There is a part of immersion in this kind of mission. We couldn’t fully understand HYT’s design just by zooming in or meeting in a random place.

So, we left the Vallée de Joux to go down to Geneva. It is close to the old city in a beautiful bright apartment, that we met with Davide. We are at his place, where his universe and his experience materialize the most. Goldorak, from the top of his bookcase, observes us as well as many books about design and architecture.

Goldorak HYT
HYT Espace

As the conversation progresses, Davide explains the steps he and his teams went through to get to the design we know today. There was an initial observation phase: to relaunch the brand on a strong basis, it was necessary to take stock of the situation and avoid the mistakes that had been made in the past.

One of them was the lack of readability on the watches. If the old HYT are beautiful to look at, reading the time is not easy. The other mistake that was made was to neglect the mechanical aspect. The beauty of the piece was based solely on its fluidic technology. By neglecting it, an imbalance had been caused.

Moon Runner HYT

For something to exist, it must be named. Its name allows us to know what an element refers to while remembering it. That’s why each element of the brand’s universe has its own name. The technology for displaying the time using fluids is called Meca-Fluidic Technology.

Each piece, which materializes space conquest in which HYT has embarked, fits into this space vocabulary. The first piece, which marked the beginning of this new era, is called the Hastroid Green Nebula. It is followed by the Hastroid Green Laser and the Moon Runner Supernova Blue. Simple, effective and easy to remember.

HYT Green Nebula
HYT Moon Runner & Green Nebula
HYT Green Laser

With these few elements, we now know that a HYT has two major components: its fluidic part and its mechanical part. Like a real couple, they cannot exist one without the other. And like a real couple, it is what links them that holds the beauty and it is therefore what Davide has worked on the most.

How did they manage to materialize this bond? 

The keys to the success of this conquest

This is where we get into the real stuff. Sit down and let me guide you.

The bond I mentioned earlier takes shape in the readability and ergonomics of the watch.

To obtain a better readability here is the work that has been done:

As for the hours, they remain indicated by the fluid. Below the indicator is a rail with SuperLuminova plates that creates the contrast between the two liquids, thus highlighting their meeting point, allowing better readability by both day and night.

HYT Moon Runner index
HYT Index superluminova

The markers, which are on the periphery of the dial, are 3-dimensional and also with SuperLuminova, allowing it to stand out from the honeycomb grid and properly catch our eye. If you look at the markers, you will notice two things.

The first is that it is tilted outwards, as if pointing towards the center of the watch. Indeed, that’s where it all happens.

The second is that the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock markers are not in their usual place. The numbers have been pulled up from the dial, due to the double indication at 6 o’clock.

As for the minutes, the hand has also been charged in SuperLuminova and stands out from the dial thanks to its white tip. The railroad is also charged in SuperLuminova and its indication is simple and uncluttered. In two glances you can read the hour and the minutes. So, as far as readability is concerned, it’s a mission accomplished.

We can’t talk about the dial and its 40 to 50 components without mentioning the sapphire dome present on the Moon Runner. Its anti-reflection treatment makes it disappear when you look at the watch from the front. But it is completely revealed when viewed from the side.

With HYT, we are in the space theme. This sapphire dome reminds me of the atmosphere that protects life on its planet.

HYT Moon Runner dôme
HYT Moon Runner

If you have a good readability but your case is not ergonomic, the pleasure of wearing it would be absent.

The case with its 70 components, 48 mm width and 52.3 mm length is massive. And yet, with its slightly tonneau shape tapering at the ends and with its openings at the lugs, it hugs your wrist and seems much smaller than it actually is.

This perception of finesse and balance is accentuated by the absence of a bezel as the sapphire dome plunges directly into the case. This same perception is preserved by a crown at 2 o’clock which does not break the slight barrel shape of the case.

HYT being launched in its space epic, its design must also travel and evolve according to the new planets and stars that are encountered. The Hastroid Green Nebula and the Hastroid Green Laser are the first step of this epic. They have reintroduced mechanics to the heart of the brand universe. But it is the Moon Runner Supernova Blue that lays the foundation for the design to come. The complication is placed in the center of the dial and is surrounded by the fluidic hour indication. Each element points as much to the center of the dial as to the dome. Like a microcosm, the wearer of the watch is like a god who admires his creation.

HYT Moon Runner Tourbillon Watch 2
HYT Moon Runner Tourbillon Watch

It is with our heads in the stars that we leave Davide. Thanks to this meeting, we are now better able to enjoy his next creations. Their space epic has only just begun and we intend to follow it closely.

Now it’s your turn to embark on this epic journey!