Yema Wristmaster, the timeless adventure

Wait, what is this new collection? That’s the first question that popped into our minds.

Watson, come abord! A new adventure awaits us, we have to solve this investigation.

Rest assured, no crime has been committed, although interviews have to be conducted to understand this collection.

Wristmaster, a well-known name at Yema

To crack our investigation, we need first to set the scene.

Currently, the brand Yema is composed by 4 types of collections. There’s the divers, motorsports, space and aviation and finally the digitals. In short, mainly watches from sports and adventures in which the heroes had to surpass themselves. So far, nothing strange thanks to Yema’s tagline “Time of Heroes”.

How could we define the Wristmaster Collection?

A 70s advertising defines the Wristmaster as a sporty city watch. And no, that term hasn’t been found during a brainstorming session in the marketing teams. It refers to a collection created in the 60s. “All benefit from the brand’s sporting experience. All are designed to withstand the worst (…)”. That’s what has driven the teams in these years. Even an underwater meeting a 40m depth shouldn’t be a problem for your Wristmaster.

Ancienne publicité Yema Wristmaster
Ancienne pub de YEMA Wristmaster

With these few details you can perceive the soil in which the teams had to immerse themselves to honor the history of the brand. Indeed, history has an important place in this new collection, but we’ll get to it later.

Well Watson, does the new collection Wristmaster stands out from the others?

We can easily answer no to that question. Indeed, the watch shouldn’t be an obstacle in your daily adventures. We even encourage you to surpass yourself. Be these “Heroes” the brand celebrates.

However, this collection opens a new area: the one for chic and elegance. Its mastered vintage look is perfectly in tune with the times. It’s not a hazard if it can be described as timeless.

A Kickstarter like no other

As you may have noticed, this Wristmaster collection has its roots in the history of the brand. And this Kickstarter is an invitation to be part of that same history.

It’s a new chapter for Yema. This chapter is part of the adventure the teams are leading to re-establish the brand as a French reference. To do so, many investments have been made to intensify the efforts in research and development to re-internalise a maximum of the fabrication process. Also, investments to hire new watchmakers and expand their workshops based in Morteau.

Index YEMA Wristmaster
Wristmaster acier

In short, you don’t buy a simple watch. You participate to the adventure in which Yema gets back its aura. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to miss such an opportunity to be part of history. Yema’s teams are doing their best, now it’s your turn to answer the call. Yema wants You! No Watson, I do not think I’m Churchill or De Gaulle, I’m just a simple watchmaking enthusiast saluting a fine work.

Wristmaster YEMA
Wristmaster YEMA
Wristmaster YEMA
Wristmaster YEMA

A dive into history

By being part of this adventure on Kickstarter, you become the lucky owner of a unique book, edited only for the people participating.

This book, tracing the history of the brand, has been written by the talented Marie-Pia Coustans, author of Lip, des heures à compter and Horlogerie française, le temps au quotidien. Well, watchmaking is an area she knows.

Yema’s history was built with encounters, and the story of that book is also based on an encounter between Pascal Bôle and Marie-Pia. Pascal Bôle was then the director of the Chambre Française d’Horlogerie et des Microtechniques, and Marie-Pia’s editor had won the call for tender to write a book about French watchmaking in general. An encounter that was supposed to happen.

Because we’re not authors, we interviewed Marie-Pia to ask here how such a book comes to life.

Two causes can be the beginning of the project. The first one, more personal, is curiosity. A wish to understand and a thirst for discovery. The second one, more classical, is from an external approach.

When the project has begun, one must search and see what already exists.

That’s when Marie-Pia becoe Sherlock Holmes. She has to find a good way in, and once she finds it, all she has to do is to let herself be guided.

YEMA Wristmaster seule
YEMA Wristmaster seule

Yema’s story being full of people, she went to meet them to be in touch with those who make the brand’s history.

Each of these discoveries can define her outline and fill in her chapters. For you, she assembled a puzzle of that story so you can travel through the brand more easily.

When there’s enough matter for the book, one has to force itself to stop so the book can live. That’s when the for replaces the substance and that the Word document become a book you can hold into your hands.

The book will allow you to know many anecdotes and even to discover some unpublished drawings.

An example of anectode? Does Jean-Lou Chretien, a French astronaut, went out in space with his Yema? Any idea for the answer?

The answer is no, because quartz do not work in the space vacuum.

So think of these 3 watches as a great opportunity to support this wonderful brand. See you on Yema’s Kickstarter page!

If you have any anecdotes that you think are unknown, please share them in comments.

YEMA Wristmaster

MOVEMENT : Automatic In-house Caliber YEMA2000

CASE : 37mm / 48mm lug-to-lug / 20mm lugs
Brushed-polished 316L Stainless Steel case – 100m water resistance

DIAL & HANDS : Semi-glossy dark blue/beige crosshair dials
Polished hands and raised silver markers
SuperLuminova BGW9

CRYSTAL : Double dome hesalite crystal

STRAP : Two-stitch vintage brown leather strap

PRICE : EUR 590 (EUR 399 at

MOVEMENT : Automatic In-house Caliber YEMA2000

CASE : 39mm / 43.5mm lug-to-lug
Brushed/Polished 316L stainless steel
100m water resistance

DIAL & HANDS : Glossy black – Printed oversized markers –
Polished stainless steel hands –
Super-LumiNova Old Radium

CRYSTAL : 2.20 mm flat sapphire crystal

STRAP : Light-weight fine steel with brushed effect

PRICE : EUR 790 (EUR 499 at

YEMA Wristmaster acier

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