The end of the renovations, the beginning of a greater adventure!

In the past, we had the opportunity to talk with William Germain and Christopher Bôle during the recording of our podcast with them. But we were also able to see some of Yema’s products, among others during the release of the Wristmaster, allowing us to get some idea of the brand. But we had not yet had the pleasure to discover where their watches come to life: in Morteau.

To remedy this, we went to their offices. It is then that we shot a video to present you a part of this silent majority without whom the timepieces would not exist.

In this first part, you will discover Jean-Paul, the dean of the workshop with no less than 40 years in the company. In a future video, we will try to immerse you in the heart of the brand. Please be patient, we are waiting for the renovation work to be completed.

A brand in the image of its building

William had warned us that the renovation work would not be completed yet, but during this first visit and while discovering the men and women who run Yema, we were marked by the connection between the brand and its building.

Let me explain…

This building, located in the heart of Morteau, has been home to Yema for several years now. Its foundations are solid, allowing it to survive the seasons and all crises. The foundations of the building are like the heart of the brand: it drives it. And this heart remains unchanged because it is protected. Protected by its history, but also by the people who build it. Jean-Paul’s example is perfect: he has been working for Yema for 40 years, so he has witnessed its evolution, but he is also the one who passes on the baton, because he trains the new generation. And Jean-Paul is not the only example. Each department has its own Jean-Paul. In addition, at Yema, we work as a family. This is the case with Pascal and Christopher Bôle, at the head of the company, but it is also the case with this mother and her daughter in stock management for example. In short, this family spirit makes Yema unique and protects it.

And the work in all this? So that’s it, we’re throwing out all the old decoration to make a new skin?

That’s not it! Change does not cause uprooting. It’s more like a tidying up before the battle. Each regiment that makes up the brand is provided with better equipment and can finally practice in the best conditions.

And we were able to see this moment of transition. Some floors are finished while others still need some work. And this period perfectly represents where Yema is right now.

The will to repatriate the know-how to France is starting to take effect. The brand has found its playground, has asserted its signature and will finally be able to express itself fully. I would like to take this opportunity to salute this fundamental work that has been done, which is far from easy because it requires surrounding oneself with the right people. On a small level, you may have noticed it by listening to Christopher or William in our podcast (only in french), or by reading our articles: the team is above all made up of Yema enthusiasts.

Christopher Bôle

Christopher Bôle


Comment une marque avec 74 ans d'histoire telle que Yema fait-elle pour rester actuelle ? Voilà la mission de Christopher Bôle. Pour répondre à cette question et vous plonger encore un peu plus dans la marque, nous sommes allés à sa rencontre. Bonne découverte !

William Germain

William Germain


Quel est le point commun entre le CNES, la Marine et l'Armée de l'Air et de l'Espace ? Le partenariat qu'ils ont avec la marque française YEMA ! William Germain, Brand Manager et passionné de la marque avant même d'y travailler, est venu à notre micro pour vous raconter son histoire et vous emmener au sein de YEMA. Trois mots qualifient la qualifient : Toolwatch, Historique et Française.

A collaborative architecture

By bringing everything together in one building, they make it easier for teams to share information, since they can go up or down a floor to get answers to questions. And that goes for management too, who keep their door open so that everyone feels free to share their feedback.

Yema is run as a team. William and Christopher need each other to move forward, and they need to get everyone on board with motivating projects.

What also marked us during our visit was the general atmosphere. This proximity that exists between them establishes a pleasant working atmosphere. An atmosphere that also encourages initiative. By working on the long run and thanks to their long-term vision, the brand’s employees feel invested with a mission.

This collaboration can be seen in the watchmakers’ workshop. Before the renovations, there was a desire to create a space that would increase production capacity. The workshop was therefore designed with this in mind. Future workbenches can be added easily without disrupting production or even quality. The other example is the way they work. In short, every day or half day has its mission. And everyone in the workbench works to fulfill it.

Alone we go fast, but together we go far. This is exactly what sums up their way of working.

The moral of this visit is that Yema looks like its building. The renovations are coming to an end. The suspense remains and the future looks bright.

Think as a team, think long term, and protect the core of your brand so that it lives on through the ages.

And you, in the next video, what would you like to discover at Yema? Tell us in comments or in a private message on Instagram!