Yema, a desire to conquer

We started from the following observation: without these men and women, the brands can neither produce, nor advance, nor keep their heritage alive.

In an attempt to capture what drives these brands, we set out to meet these men and women. Today we go with Yema, a French brand with a rich history and strong partnerships.

Their aim: to make Yema a French reference in the world of affordable technical watches.

Their will to bring back the savoir-faire in France to preserve it will be the subject of future articles as well as videos, a little more patience.

The project must be appealing because those we met are above all passionate about the brand and watchmaking. Our podcast with William Germain is proof of this (only in french).

William Germain

William Germain


Quel est le point commun entre le CNES, la Marine et l'Armée de l'Air et de l'Espace ? Le partenariat qu'ils ont avec la marque française YEMA ! William Germain, Brand Manager et passionné de la marque avant même d'y travailler, est venu à notre micro pour vous raconter son histoire et vous emmener au sein de YEMA. Trois mots qualifient la qualifient : Toolwatch, Historique et Française.

It’s understandable they want to put the brand back on its pedestal. Let’s get back to the 60’s. In that time, Yema was a brand of reference in technical watches. It was the best exporter of French watches!

With such a heritage, one can only understands and welcome this will.

But how will they do so?

It’s a good start to want and to make plans, but comes a time where concrete is needed. And they do.

The in-house movement stage

You have to go back 10 years. That’s where the work begins. In 2011, the brand has equipped itself with its own in-house movement. By financing the development, Yema has given itself the freedom.

The freedom to innovate as much as they want to. And most of their partnerships are in line of this logic.

Calibre maison de Yema

Now they have their own engine, they know all of its capabilities and what can be improved. And believe us, they are looking forward to present their futures innovations and improvements.

In this dynamic, the investment went a little further.

Modernisation of the premises

A healthy spirit in a healthy body. This expression goes also for the brand’s premises. To have the best of their teams, they had to give them the best environment of work possible. New workbenches, new machines, a dust-lock etc…

Travaux chez Yema
Nouveaux établis Yema

With 1600m² of premises in Morteau, significant sums have been committed. It put a healthy pression over the teams because they do like the brand and their workplace is being modernised. Now it’s up to them to keep doing their best.

Knowing how to surround yourself in such a project is just as important.

Expanding the teams

On top of hiring new watchmakers, Yema has surrounded itself with the right people. To be consistent in its approach, the brand has called upon the services of two renowned watchmakers: Olivier Mory and Patrick Augereau.

Olivier Mory et Patrick Augereau

Their mission: to use their savoir-faire and experience to support Yema in its work on the innovation of its in-house movement.

To sum it all, the Yema’s brand has modernised its premises to offer the best possible workplace to its teams, while surrounding itself with talented watchmakers to continue the work on its in-house calibre.

But that’s not it!

Partnerships: a human adventure

To discover the list of their partnerships, we invite you to go here.

We saw pride and they are right to be proud. They are proud because these partnerships are meaningful to them and because of these partnerships they have been able to experience extraordinary things.

Before sharing one of their amazing adventure, it is important to know that these partnerships contribute to the credibility of the brand. Their partners challenge them and are very particular about the quality of the products.

The French Navy or Air Force cannot afford to tarnish their image. The watches must meet their specifications. But then again, a little more patience and you’ll soon know more about these beautiful partnerships…

Who knows Mario Andretti? This talented racing driver is, with his fellow countryman Dan Gurney, the only driver to win in Formula 1, IndyCar, World Endurance Championship and Nascar. A five decades career rich in trophies.

Mario Andretti - Yema

This legend approached the brand’s teams following his reunion with the Yema that accompanied him during his first major victory of his career, to make a re-edition.  This is how the Heritage Chronograph Collection was born.

Collection Chronographes Heritage Yema

How lucky they are to be in contact with such a legend and being able to work with him! However, the adventure has gone even further because two members of Yema’s team were invited to go at Mario Andretti’s home. Happiness and pride were visible right into their eyes!

That’s precisely what we like to see and feel: the watch has been the link that allowed to live a unique experience. An adventure that will say forever in their memories.

Long live Yema, long live watchmaking and long live encounters!

How about you, what adventure did your watch take you on?