When Speake-Marin supports Time For Art

The end of 2022 was marked by the first Time for Art auction, held in New York under the auspices of the Phillips auction house, to support art and artists.

On this occasion, we went to meet Speake-Marin and the Time For Art teams to give them the floor.

I leave you with this exclusive interview.

Tourbillon Watch: Why is Speake-Marin participating to Time For Art?

Time For Art and Speake-Marin share the same values and support art in all its forms. Speake-Marin’s participation in Time For Art is a natural fit, as our designers and artisan watchmakers interpret time through bold creative choices that combine technical innovation and the beauty of creative craftsmanship.

The Time for Art auction has created this bridge between Art and collectors of beautiful, unique and independent watchmaking. We have chosen to put forward the first prototype of the Openworked Dual Time Mint watch since this model pays tribute to the freedom of creative expression and to the new turn taken by the Speake-Marin brand.

Time for Art Speake-Marin Lime

Tourbillon Watch: What does Time For Art mean to Speake-Marin?

Time For Art is an opportunity for the independent watchmaking industry to establish its reputation in the art world, to reach out to collectors and buyers and to support contemporary artists.

This auction allows us to promote our designers, the crafts of Art and to financially support the sector. It is an important time to appreciate the work of our watchmakers of the “Cercle Des Horlogers”; Speake-Marin watches are intended to be appreciated as works of art.

Tourbillon Watch: Speake-Marin’s connection with art is mainly through its stylistic inspirations. Would Speake-Marin like to become more involved in supporting contemporary art?

Contemporary art and watchmaking are two very similar fields with similar values such as skill, emotion, precision and creativity.

It is in the DNA of Speake-Marin to support Artists, just as our master watchmakers are. It is this symbiosis that we wish to keep alive.

Speake-Marin watch

Tourbillon Watch: If Speake-Marin had to make a collaboration with an artist, what conditions would they have to fulfill?

Speake-Marin seeks above all spontaneity, the expression of a lively and assertive emotion. Some believe that art should be evaluated on the basis of formal qualities such as composition, color and technique. For Speake-Marin, the most important thing is the emotional or intellectual impact it will have on the viewer. The emphasis is on true emotion, an expression of time and our timepieces through the prism of the authentic.

Let us now leave room to Time For Art.

Tourbillon Watch: Did the brands have any specifications to meet in order to participate in the sale? If so, which one?

We wanted to give each of the houses the opportunity to express the most creative elements of their watchmaking expertise through an exceptional piece. This is not a set of specifications but rather an open invitation, as we would have done with an artist.

Tourbillon Watch: In your opinion, what is a meaningful collaboration?

It is a fruitful exchange in which everyone exceeds his or her expectations, rethinks his or her way of working, and participates in the common good, in this case in an artistic setting open to the greatest number.

Tourbillon Watch: What could watchmaking do to support art a little more?

To approach art as a scientific field in its own right: to trust not only one’s instincts, but also and especially those whose job it is to defend artists. You have to know how to navigate in a complex environment but open to exchanges, and above all listen to the artists to accompany them in the best possible way, in the long run.

Tourbillon Watch: What would be the ultimate dream for Time For Art? What is your favorite model?

Our wish is to be able to bring the watchmaking and art worlds closer together over time in a mutual appreciation and learning process. 

Our heartfelt thanks go to all the participating brands who responded so generously to our call for the inaugural edition of TimeForArt: it’s impossible to choose just one watch!

Tourbillon Watch: What can we wish you?

May TimeForArt 2022 be a success, not only philanthropic but also historical: it is the first step in a rich dialogue between art and watchmaking that will be built up over several years and will, we hope, bring with it more and more exceptional achievements for the benefit of access to contemporary culture for all.


A wish that was fulfilled in view of the results of the auction, which exceeded one million dollars. We are happy to support this initiative, but also to see that the watchmaking community has responded massively to this appeal launched by Time For Art.

Many other bridges can be created between watchmaking and other fields of expression. These bridges allow our industry to find new sources of inspiration as well as ways to get out of its comfort zone. The watch is no longer a tool that tells the time but a creation that supports a larger work.

Tell us in the comments if you share this desire!