Our contact with a part of Urwerk’s history

A moment out of time with the UR-Satellite collection

As my eyes admired the engraving, everything became clear. Sitting at that meeting table handling Urwerk’s Time and Culture watch, everything seemed obvious to me. My journey of initiation into the brand was to dive deeper.

What was the next step in my journey going to be?

Time and Culture URWERK

Urwerk, a brand with a quarter century of history

A notification turns on the screen of my sleeping phone. It’s good news because Urwerk is waiting for us this Friday morning. My journey of initiation will be able to move forward and you are lucky because we are taking you with us.

As the sun begins to shine, we leave the Canton of Vaud to reach Geneva. As the kilometers go by and our arrival looms, I am in my thoughts. I admire the chance Urwerk is giving us. I know that you who read us, you would have liked to be there with us. We have this chance today to immerse ourselves in the world of the brand and specially to see very sought-after pieces and ask all the questions we want.

I have a special attachment to Urwerk because its products captivate me. They captivate my eyes and their creativity leaves me speechless. In addition to this attachment to the product, there is a deep respect for the teams. They are friendly, always open to discussion and have the desire to pass on their knowledge.

But this connection goes much further because I share a unique element with the brand: age! When Urwerk was born in 1997, I was joining the planet earth. We were made to meet.

My initiatory journey within the brand allowed me to handle a part of their pieces, and to discuss design with Martin Frei, but today I am going to take a new step: that of understanding the product. To enter this stage, we head with Pierre into their Geneva office.

Contact with a part of history and creativity

My understanding of the product will be through Urwerk’s Satellite collection. Among this collection there is the UR-100, my favorite!

I am living a dream that many enthusiasts would like to live. In front of me are a dozen or so of the brand’s watches.

If this dozen watches are in front of me, there is a reason. Pierre has arranged them to give me an overview. He puts everything in place to help me understand the chronology. This is also what makes Urwerk special, this desire to transmit is real. They know how to take the time to make you understand the product, and their explanations are always full of passion. Thank you Pierre!

This step allows me to see the creativity of the brand. It’s all about the details. You can feel that the technique is serving the creativity. Each element of the UR-Satellite collection illustrates Urwerk’s constant quest for innovation. The time display is their field of expression and the satellite display of the collection is one of the results of this search.

However, the simple holistic presentation of the different components of the collection was not enough. It was therefore necessary to go back to the technical side.

How does this display work?

A technique serving creativity

What struck me was its simplicity. In broad terms, there is a classic movement to which Urwerk has added a module they have developed. In detail, it is not an easy thing to achieve. It requires a certain mastery of technique.

What amazed me was the kindness with which they explained the technique while allowing us to film and take pictures so you too could understand. This shows the deep desire of the teams to transmit and allow a larger number of people to understand the products they make.

Stay tuned, a video on Urwerk is coming soon…

Urwerk watches are the perfect expression of technology serving creativity, itself serving a will. Their products are to be admired as true works of art. The message delivered by the work must not be blurred by an ineffective technique.

During this moment out of time, we were able to experience watchmaking. A moment of sharing around a common passion that takes shape in the features of a watch.

Dear Urwerk teams, thank you for your work, for your time, for your explanations and for giving us this chance!

I hope this article has made you want to discover our video on this unique experience. But also that it has allowed you to discover more about this brand so dear to our hearts.