Discovering the unknown side of the SKLT Carbon, the latest novelty of Singer Reimagined

The enumeration of technical characteristics brings neither the understanding of the piece nor the emotional link that we establish with our watches.

This same connection may have been made over time or by talking to the designer. If you haven’t had this opportunity yet, join us, we just sat down with Marco Borraccino.

Today’s mission is to go beyond this long list of features by sharing the product story with you. In short, everything you need to have a good story to tell at our enthusiast meetings

Singer Reimagined SKLT Carbon

A one-on-one with the creator

Geneva is radiant, people are happy, summer is not yet over, it is a great place to live. In this early September, Geneva is hosting the Geneva Watch Days and it is on this occasion that we visit Singer Reimagined.

In addition to having a close relationship with the team, we came to handle the SKLT Carbon, the latest addition to the Track1 collection.

Presented a few weeks earlier in California at the Monterey Car Week, we had to wait and be satisfied with just a few pictures. Today, we stop waiting.

It is always a special moment to have the designer in front of you, eyes sparkling with the desire to share the love he has for the product. Marco Borraccino is no exception to the rule.

SKLT Carbon Singer Reimagined Tourbillon Watch
Singer Reimagined SKLT Carbon Tourbillon Watch

Let the discussion begin

Dear Marco, the gestation period has ended, the watch has left your mind to become reality and it must be a relief. Let’s start exploring it.

From the outside, we can think what differentiates it from the SKLT Edition is the use of carbon for its case.

Tourbillon Watch: Why did you choose this material?

Marco Borraccino: “Carbon is a material used extensively in the automotive industry and especially by Singer Vehicle Design. Its use in this collection is almost a natural evolution. In addition to that, we work a lot on research related to materials and if you look at even the most “traditional” version of our watches, you will quickly realize that behind the appearance, we always use solutions and materials that are far from traditional. 

And there is also something personal in this choice. I love the feel of carbon. It’s an amazing material and very comfortable to wear, and the overall look is both sporty and technical. It’s a change from the minimalism we’re used to with the more classic Track1s.”

TW: This latest version of the Track1 collection comes with a carbon case and a rubber strap, two elements intimately linked to the sports world. Is this product aimed at a specific market?

MB: “With the SKLT carbon we are introducing a new material to the Track1 collection. It is an evolution in line with our constant search for excellence and also an offer for markets and customers who are not necessarily fond of precious materials and/or who prefer lightness. This combined with the skeletonized dial gives the product a brand new and very technical look. In addition to this, we are introducing the new rubber strap, designed to meet the demands of our most dynamic customers or those looking for even more versatility from their Singer watch.

On top of that, these materials allow Singer Reimagined to offer a product that is even more in line with the expectations of markets located in warmer and more humid areas.”

Tourbillon Watch Singer Reimagined SKLT Carbon
SKLT Carbon Singer Reimagined

A carbon case and a rubber strap, what’s next?

Singer Reimagined’s Track1 collection now offers 9 variations. Spearhead of the brand, this collection established its fame by winning the chronograph watch award at the 2018 GPHG.

Presented in April 2022, the SKLT Edition marked a turning point in this collection by offering a skeletonized dial. In addition to this detail, it revealed the oscillating weight that had been placed between the movement and the dial, freeing the case back and allowing us to admire the AgenGraph.

The movement present in the different editions of the Track1 does not change. Technical improvements can be made over time, but overall, the base remains the same. Some novelties have been brought in the choice of the dial and the case allowing Singer Reimagined to extend its product range and thus reach a wider panel of customers.

An untrained eye might see the SKLT Carbon as a “small” novelty that is different only in the strap and its case. I see it differently.

First of all, regarding the movement. Singer Reimagined has invested heavily to benefit from this unique movement. In this logic, they intend to amortize it by using it in several editions.

Now, regarding the materials used, Singer Reimagined uses these launches to offer new materials. As the model is known, the use of these materials allows to survey the demand, but also to discover new ways of doing things. It is very possible that Singer Reimagined will propose other carbon cases in the future, who knows.

Tourbillon Watch SKLT Carbon Singer Reimagined


This latest version of the Track1 collection is a new step in the establishment of the brand on the global market. Month after month, the offer is growing and seducing new enthusiasts.

This desire to discover being the driving force behind my passion for watchmaking, when I look at this watch I see a new step taken by a young independent brand. A new step towards its affirmation. I can’t wait to see what Singer Reimagined will do next. I feel like I am watching an explorer: Marco is the explorer of his brand and we are watching him move forward.

What is our role? It is to support him and to try to understand what he wants to achieve.

That’s why I’m asking you to tell me in comments what you’d like to know more about this piece and its place in the Singer Reimagined adventure.