Speake-Marin, a matter of the heart.

A dive into the brand

When my appointments ended, I was exhausted. For more than 3 hours, I had been immersed in the heart of what Speake-Marin is.

Why did I undertake such a dive? The desire to let you know the brand as I live it.

The brand Speake-Marin is not just a name, an empty shell that magically creates masterpieces. It is men and women driven by emotions who contribute to this brand.

You can’t understand or know Speake-Marin just by looking at the products.

You have to get over that hurdle and get closer to the teams to get there. I had the pleasure of talking to three different profiles from three different departments. One in marketing, one in sales and one in management.

Speake-Marin watch

Three profiles, one brand, one common experience

The values that drive the brand are freedom, independence, respect and authenticity. Now that had been stated, you’ll remember it because it’s not just words that sound good. They play an important role in Speake-Marin. These values guide the teams in their daily work, giving them guidelines within which they can navigate freely.

With Speake-Marin, it’s not a financial story, it’s a story of the heart” shares one of the interviewees.

You, who are reading this, may be working and you know how important the atmosphere in the office is to the success of your work. A good atmosphere reduces stress and encourages innovation and self-improvement.

Having already been to their offices several times, we were able to taste their atmosphere. A certain kind of conviviality reigns there, it is the “Speake-Marin Family“. They are all present by choice, they help each other and together they carry the brand. Each one has a strong character and it’s thanks to this interest for the brand that the feedbacks and remarks are not taken personally, favoring the enrichment of each other. These talents and characters are directed toward a common goal: the brand. “This concentration of strong character allows us to push conversations and products to the limit.”

Speaking of work, I was pleasantly surprised about its management. One of them told us that “in a small structure like Speake-Marin, we are always running but that’s what makes things interesting and allows us to grow and learn on a daily basis. And that’s what I was looking for.”

The size of the company allows the teams to benefit from freedom in the management of their work. This gives them a sense of responsibility and allows them to give their best.

At Speake-Marin, we don’t ask you to be perfect, but to do your best and learn from your mistakes.

Their work isn’t just about earning a salary. It has an impact on them. It allows them to realize their potential and step out of their comfort zone. When we asked a person in the marketing department about this, she shared an anecdote. Her arrival at the company coincided with a Watches and Wonders period and, with the brand involved, she stepped out of her comfort zone. “I found myself alone in front of a room full of journalists and I gave them the press presentation. A great test for the reserved person I was!“. Throwing herself into the deep end was beneficial to her and she is very happy and proud of herself for having succeeded. It’s also unique moment like sharing a chocolate and a discussion with Pierce Brosnan, one of the most famous James Bond of the saga and former icon of the brand.

That’s all well and good, but what do we learn from these few lines? It is good to work at Speake-Marin, the employees have a certain freedom, they leave their comfort zone and they live unique moments?

Remember the brand values I mentioned before? These values are about the brand and they are lived by its employees. What about their own definition of the brand?

Their definition of Speake-Marin

I asked each of them to define Speake-Marin in three words. Here are their answers:

      – Independent, creative and daring.

      – Independence, exclusivity and design.

      – Simplicity, perfection and open-mindedness.

They were able to give me these definitions thanks to their experiences with the brand. They were forged in contact with the brand since their first years at Speake-Marin.

In her interview, Christelle Rosnoblet, CEO and owner of the brand, told us the following, which explains the definitions: “these two years of Covid allowed me to do a lot of thinking about the Ripples. I wanted it to be as good as possible, almost perfect. (…) Our future challenges, even if we increase the quantity of our production, is to always have the best quality possible. We always try to get out of the spotlight. We always want to be where we’re not expected.”

This reflection and desire to always surprise has an impact on the product. The twist at 1h30 is the result.

Speake-Marin Ripples
The Ripples, the brand's first sporty chic model with an integrated steel bracelet

Now that you know a little more about the brand, what don’t you know?

First of all, in just 5 years, Speake-Marin has already developed 7 in-house movements. This step was essential in the development of the brand and was eagerly awaited. But it was necessary to proceed with intelligence: ” “the day we manage to make our in-house movement, from the begining we’ll have to incorporate the possibility of adding modules until the infinity.” I invite you to watch the video we made about Speake-Marin’s in-house movements and their particularities. In addition to having 7 in-house movements, they produce 350 watches per year, always in limited editions.

What they said was not just empty words. In love with the product and passionate about watchmaking, they are committed to working for Speake-Marin. A real jewel, still little known, it is always a pleasure to make you discover it. The challenges that await them are still numerous and they will surprise us with their creativity. Of course, you can count on your servant to share them with you.

If you have any questions about Speake-Marin, I invite you to ask them in comments and we will try to answer them.