Smartwatches, the future of watchmaking?

In 2019, the quantity of sold Apple Watches sold exceeded the total sales of the entire watch industry by several million. If the Apple Watch took over the race, let’s not forget its competitors. Technology seems to be taking the place of craftsmanship. But will it cause its loss?

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A world where technology rules

Approximatively 31 million Apple Watches were sold in 2019, against 21 million for the whole watchmaking industry. A 10 million pieces gap!

With its slogan “the future of health is on your wrist”, Apple shows well what its watch can do: save our lives! By tracking our sleep, our heart, giving encouragements to be in a good shape or even making possible to call for help when the watch detects any problem, Apple has created a real tool that can keep people alive.

In the current situation, with the threat on our health, such an argument can be welcome by most people. However, the Apple Watch is just a piece of the picture.

One should be blind to not see that we are surrounded by technology. From the very support you’re reading these few lines to the automatic metro you will take, to the Tesla that passes you. As well as the computer on which you’ll probably be most of your time today.

If the technology surrounds us, will it be the reason of the watchmaking industry’s fall?

It’s important to acknowledge that those who are more impacted by smartwatches are the entry and mid-range brands. It’s that part of the watchmaking industry whose sells are melting away. As for the top of the range, it remains on the rise.

You may look at smartwatches with disdain but let me show you another side. Let’s draw a parallel between smartwatches and pocket watches.

Here’s the explanation. In the late 30’s, far more wristwatches were produced than pocket watches. The demand had spoken, and the wristwatch buried the pocket watch.

That change was possible with the evolution of mindsets and the image of these watches. This was followed by a string of records, which helped the brands to prove that their products were the best and worn by the most amazing people! Rolex is a perfect example of it.

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Put back at the center the Human being

Some people wonder why people still buy watches today. For most, it is to give themselves a gift, a gift that will stay with them for a while, or even for life.

The watch, as a product, is closely linked to the idea of longevity. It is like a life partner that will follow you through life and assist you in your milestones. Like a bookmark, it allows us to go back in time to a certain part of our life or to a cherished moment. We are the centre of the watch, like the main character in a book.

Even Patek Phillipe’s slogan is “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation”.

The longevity desire is clearly stated!

If the human being is right in the centre of the object, why isn’t he in the communication too?

Some men and women dedicate their life to the creation of the timepieces. And yet, even if they’re in the shops, we don’t let them talk. They’re the ones who give life to these beautiful pieces. So, they should be the ones to share their experiences, and the brands should turn to their customers to find inspiring stories. The picture of a famous actor wearing the watch allow people to keep in mind for a moment the product, while a story can be shared and kept in mind indefinitely. As a proof, we all remember the crossing of the Manche by Mercedes Gleitze with a Rolex on her wrist.

You are the ones who bring the brands to life, and the brands must make you dream. At Tourbillon Watch, we offer you the opportunity to be part of a human adventure that is all about the watch. It’s up to you to support it and to be part of it!

The power of dialogue and consideration is such that we are waiting for your stories in the comments!

What adventure have you lived with your watch?