Singer Reimagined unveils its magic trick:

The Track1 SKLT Edition

Would you rather know how a magic trick is done, or continue to ignore it so as not to be disappointed?

When a brand skeletonizes one of its pieces, it faces this kind of dilemma. By revealing what was still hidden from the public eye, it can cause disappointment or…impress them even more! What is unveiled must be worthwhile and must create wonder.

So, did Singer Reimagined succeed in this challenge with the Track1 SKLT Edition?

We’re about to release a novelty…

It is with these few words that Marco lets us go. We went to his offices to shoot a video in which he explains how he reinterpreted the chronograph.

This end of interview was not like the previous ones. For a good hour, we went over Singer’s story. He shared with us his moments of doubt and especially the excitement he felt after designing his first product and that Agenhor was able to bring it to life.

A moment of fulfillment that he made us live. He captivated us, and at that very moment our interest in the brand increased tenfold and we could feel all the possibilities.

So, when Marco tells us that something new is coming while his eyes are full of stars, our excitement is at its peak as is our impatience.

What else has he prepared for us? He hadn’t even left us a trail to whet our curiosity. Like a magician, he had announced his act but we still had to wait to see it.

What do we know about Singer Reimagined? Its connection to the automotive world is established, the complication is the chronograph, and Marco’s creative madness is limitless. And yet, even knowing all this, anything is possible. We’ll have to be patient.

A liberating handling

It took them 6 months of intense development to achieve this result. We have had Singers on our wrists and, like many collectors, we did not know how this watch could be automatic when the oscillating weight was not visible on the case back. The mystery remained, although Marco explained that it was located between the dial and the rest of the movement.

Singer Reimagined Track1 SKLT Edition

Here we are, our impatience is coming to an end and our curiosity will soon be satisfied. We are in this magnificent place that is the Barton7 and Marco has just turned to grab a box. It is only a matter of seconds before the release!

He leaves us alone in front of this still closed box. His numerous appointments following one another, we find ourselves alone like two children facing their Christmas present.

With a flick of the wrist, the case is opened and our eyes are immediately caught by the mix of gold and black on the case and dial.

Not a word comes out of our mouths. Our eyes scrutinize this UFO. It seems familiar to us and yet we have to observe it well to grasp the smallest details.

We have to move fast, we are not the only ones who want to handle this beauty. I will say that I am the luckiest. While Alix takes pictures of it, I can dive my eyes into it. I wear it and only 15 privileged people will be able to have it on their wrist. During this moment, I am one of them.

Singer Track1 SKLT Edition
Track1 SKLT Edition

Comfortably seated, the surrounding noise becomes muffled and the surrounding discussions become a series of distant noises. I live a moment of plenitude. All my senses are on alert. The velvet of the armchair becomes soft, the grain of the Singer Porsches book slides under my fingers while my eyes go from an image to another as if lulled by the curves of the car bodies. My wrist feels the 18K gold warming up slowly on my skin.

At this moment, the revelation of Marco’s magic trick is still partial and yet I am seduced. I finally see the oscillating weight at the bottom of the dial which swirls when I manipulate it. There is this golden shape with 5 branches that comes to life when I manipulate the minute indicator. And finally, there is this black, immobile structure that holds the logo as if it was floating. As you can see, you and I feel that we are missing one or more indications for the wonder to be triggered.

Singer Reimagined
Singer Reimagined Barton 7 Track1 SKLT Edition

You will be luckier than I am, in a few lines you will be free of this impatience while I had to wait several weeks.

Like a child torn from its parents, the Track 1 SKLT Edition has left us to amaze new people.

Diving into the heart of the magic trick

When we handled the piece, we were not in possession of the press kit, and if it does not answer all our questions, it allows us to see a little more clearly.

We learn, for example, that the hour and minute rings are made of ceramic aluminum and that the numerals have been engraved and filled with gold SuperLuminova.

I’m not passionate about cars, but I’m not indifferent to the beauty of certain creations. The Porsche 911 is one of them. But thanks to Singer Reimagined, I was able to take a step further into this universe.

During the shooting, I was able to leaf through a book about Singer Porsches. The rims’ shape of these ones resembled the golden 5 branches shape on the dial.

I now know that these are Fusch rims, that they were designed by Ferry Porsche and that they were introduced in 1966 on the first 911 S.

Track1 SKLT Edition Singer reimagined watch
Track1 SKLT Edition Singer Reimagined

And the wonderful thing about it is that this shape, which is part of the minute disc, was not designed only for the SKLT Edition. It is present in all Track 1s, even though it is hidden behind the dial. Here is a detail unknown to the public that we are allowed to discover with this new edition. This is a perfect example of Marco’s attention to detail.

Singer Reimagine Barton 7 Track1 SKLT Edition watch
Singer Reimagines Track1 SKLT Edition Barton 7

The chassis, that black immobile structure that starts from the center and extends to the ends of the dial has this shape for the following reason. The hexagonal shape is inspired by the air intakes present on the Singer. But also, and above all because being only fixed in the center, it had to be light, resistant and balanced.

The purpose of the skeletonization of this piece was not to reveal its mechanism, this one being already observable from the case back, but to show you the level of details present on all the pieces.

We should only not admire what is visible. A wonderful world can be hidden and we just have to be curious to access it. Especially when it comes to Singer Reimagined.

Without the SKLT Edition, would you have been aware of all these details?