Singer Reimagined told by Pietro Tomajer of The Limited Edition

Does knowledge come from experience and transmission?

Knowledge and the ability to communicate are two essential elements for a reseller. He knows his products so well that he is able to explain it to his customers.

It is this knowledge that we went for at The Limited Edition by interviewing Pietro Tomajer.

A supporter of the Singer Reimagined brand since 2017, he is an important player in its expansion.

The zoom meeting is set, the camera turns on and we are connected.

Can you give me 3 words to describe Singer Reimagined?

Pietro: If I had to describe Singer Reimagined in three words, I would first say Original. Its reinterpretation of the chronograph complication is above all unique.

Stylish for the second word because Marco’s attention to detail results in a product with beautiful lines, great readability and pleasant to wear. These watches are chic while keeping a sporty aspect thanks to the complication.

And finally, I’d say Intelligent. This ties in with the two words I used because the development of the movement, in addition to all the work on the case and dial, required great intelligence. By surrounding himself with Rob Dickinson and Agenhor, Marco could only come up with something beautiful and powerful.

Marco Borraccino & Rob Dickinson Singer Reimagined

What did you like about Singer and why do you sell this brand?

Pietro: I would say that it was a combination of elements that made me decide to choose this young brand. At The Limited Edition we look for this kind of niche brand. I like the creative craziness that they offer and that they can bring to the watch industry.

When I discovered Singer Reimagined, I was amazed by so much technique and the risk the brand took in taking on the challenge of reinterpreting such a technical complication.

I couldn’t not support them. In addition to having a complete range of chronographs, I discovered that Marco Borraccino was behind this venture. I had the pleasure of meeting him during my past experiences and he is someone with whom I had built a friendship.

It was this combination of elements that made me decide in 2015 to distribute the brand and, 7 years later, I am very happy with it.

What do you think is the strength of this brand?

Pietro: The strength of the brand, in addition to its product and its positioning, lies in the talent of the men who carry the project. Whether it’s Rob Dickinson, Marco Borraccino or Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, they have each proven their skills in their own field. Whether it is in the technical field with Jean-Marc and the development of the Agengraph or in the business field with Rob and Singer Vehicles, they have been right on all counts.

It wasn’t always easy and I think Marco told you about it, but they managed to do it. Between the three of them, they combine a strong universe, mastered technical skills and a unique product. They are all three obsessed with innovation and the finished product speaks for itself.

Marco Borraccino

Marco Borraccino

Singer Reimagined

Aujourd'hui, nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter Marco Borraccino, le co-fondateur de la marque Singer Reimagined. Ce designer va revenir sur sa carrière et vous raconter son aventure entrepreneuriale.

Marco Borraccino

Singer Reimagined

Il y a deux ans nous vous faisions découvrir Marco Borraccino et sa marque Singer Reimagined. Aujourd’hui nous voulions revenir avec Marco sur son expérience, son aventure entrepreneuriale et les enseignements qu’il en retire...Un moment unique, plein d’humanité et de passion.

Do you have a particular memory about Singer Reimagined?

Pietro: It was not that long ago, during the Wonders Week. Singer Reimagined was at the Barton 7 and with a group of collectors we went to visit them. I had a timeless moment. In addition to appreciating Marco’s personality, we were transported by his passion. Everyone had stars in their eyes and he knew how to explain his product and make us dream. A moment of communion between true enthusiasts.

Between the Flytrack collection and the Track 1, which one is your favorite and why?

Pietro: The flytrack is my favorite. I like its readability, its style and its complication.

Flytrack Barista of Singer Reimagined

After the Flytrack Barrista, which complication would you like to see reinterpreted by Marco?

Pietro: The Barrista is, in my opinion, the perfect example of what can be achieved in watchmaking when all the components are aligned and the people behind the project have a good sense of humor. This reuse of the chronograph is absolutely brilliant, I personally love it.

But, to answer your question, I must admit that seeing Singer Reimagined reinterpret the split-seconds complication in their own way is something I would love to see. I don’t think I’m the only one who is happy with this idea and it would be a natural evolution after all they have done.

What do few people know about Singer?

Pietro: Most people think that Singer Reimagined watches are not self-winding because the oscillating weight is absent when looking at the case back. This was a choice made by Marco to allow enthusiasts to admire the mechanism in action without being disturbed by this oscillating weight. It is however between the dial and the movement. And it is on the occasion of the release of the first SKLT Edition that we could see it. Once again, it was great art! We’re almost wondering what they’re going to reveal to us in their next release. Singer Reimagined watches are the perfect illustration of how to use design to good effect.

Singer Reimagine Barton 7 Track1 SKLT Edition watch

The camera turns off, the interview is over and I turn to you and ask:

A Singer Reimagined watch, a location and a car: what’s your choice?