The Openworked Tourbillon, a second edition that reinforces Speake-Marin’s place in Haute Horlogerie

First presented in 2019, the Openworked Tourbillon strengthened Speake-Marin’s place in Haute Horlogerie. This September 2022, the brand is back with a second edition of this complication.

At the junction between modern architecture and watchmaking classicism by its complication and its movement structure, this piece honors the 20 years of existence of the brand.

The famous Piccadilly case, in both red gold and titanium with black DLC treatment, is available in 38 and 42 mm. This new limited edition of 40 pieces is intended for several profiles of connoisseurs and collectors.

Speake-Marin Openworked tourbillon Or rose
Speake-Marin Openworked tourbillon Titane

A complete case proposal

Personally, I would wear this watch daily, no matter what the day’s activities are. The Piccadilly case, the brand’s DNA, combines classicism and modernity; the work done on the strong character of the lugs allows the watch to sit comfortably on the wrist. Comfort is enhanced by the combination of a rubber strap and the lightness of this piece, so much so that it is almost forgotten.

The choice to offer this type of bracelet is part of a more important approach to protect both animal species and the environment. Commitment that has also materialized with the limited edition of 9 pieces made in partnership with Save The Rhino, which I talked about here.

Openworked tourbillon Or rose Speake-Marin
Or rose Openworked tourbillon Speake-Marin

An in-house movement in modern architecture

For me, Speake-Marin is the meeting point between the classic and the modern. The classic art of watchmaking is mastered by the teams and the latter is sublimated by being reinterpreted in a modern way. In other words, Speake-Marin really is a 21st century watchmaker.

This junction is perfectly illustrated in this second edition of the Openworked Tourbillon with this very classic complication and this modern architecture of the SMA05 in-house movement.

With its 290 components, the SMA05 in-house movement is a real open-air orchestra. The opening of the dial allows the observation of these components and gives a sensation of depth. Boldly, the House always positions a strong element at 1:30 o’clock and the Openworked Tourbillon is no exception to the rule. It is the flying tourbillon cage that magnifies this in-house movement with its modern architecture and its 290 components that can be admired through the openworked dial. The dial gives an impression of depth.

The unmistakable heart-shaped hands, a tribute to Big Ben, are the perfect size and, thanks to SuperLuminova®, allow you to read the time in a glance, day or night.

Speake-Marin Openworked tourbillon Titane case back
Openworked tourbillon Titane DLCSpeake-Marin

The Openworked Tourbillon, much more than just a watch

This second version is much more than a simple watch. Of course, it tells time, but is it really what we are looking for when we buy such a product?

It was when I visited the brand once again, meeting the teams and handling it that I saw more than just a watch. The Openworked Tourbillon is finally the result of a fabulous human adventure and a continuous search for perfection. Through its collections, Speake-Marin marks its creative progress and we are the observers of an artistic adventure in which we can take part thanks to the watch.

Openworked tourbillon Speake-Marin Or rose
Speake-Marin Openworked tourbillon Titane DLC

An expression and interpretation of 21st century Fine Watchmaking, the Openworked Tourbillon offers exclusivity and a unique link to the brand to the owner. This is the beauty and appeal of an independent brand like Speake-Marin.

Beauty being subjective, I find this second edition very beautiful. With a preference for the red gold version, I find that Speake-Marin offers here a piece of Haute Horlogerie in a modern and classic register. It will remain above all for me a moment of life that I could share with the teams. A unique moment around a common passion.

Bravo Speake-Marin, bravo to all the teams and long live creative watchmaking!

And you, would you say that the Openworked Tourbillon is more classic or modern? Tell us in comments.