A new step for Furlan Marri: Reference 2116-A “Black Sector”

In a little more than a year, Furlan Marri has grown. After having conquered the hearts of enthusiasts with its mega-quartz chronos, a new page is now being written with the presentation of its first mechanical watch with automatic winding Swiss Made: the reference 2116-A.

With this piece, the celebration of watchmaking history becomes complete and the Black Sector establishes this bridge between the past and the present. A bridge that is just waiting to be used to dress up your wrist.

A creative four-handed project

Together behind a brand that bears their names, Hamad Al-Marri and Andrea Furlan have once again combined their creative talents and their desire to offer a mechanical watch is now a reality. A true pairing, not a single part of the watch could escape the sharp eyes of the founders.

Andrea Furlan
Hamad Al Marri

They had a common desire which today is alive in this new piece. It is the result of a love for art and watchmaking history. To pay tribute, it was only natural to offer a mechanical watch with a classic design. Its general appearance can be found in vintage pieces. Its sector-type dial was not invented by Furlan Marri, nor the decagonal case back or the “cow horns”.

Furlan Marri Black Sector

This watch is not a reinterpretation of the classic style, but its appropriation to better celebrate it. From the grain of the dial to the style of the railroad, everything is good. The codes are respected and the balance is achieved. These magnificent Breguet-style hour markers frame the dial and like cardinal points, they guide the navigation of our eyes.

It is the La Joux Perret G100 movement with 68 hours of power reserve that gives life to the hands and animates the dial. This new movement proposed by La Joux Perret and selected by Furlan Marri will be in TOP finish. Meaning high-end with an advanced control.

The grain of the dial is obtained thanks to the stamping technique. To better understand this technique, we need to imagine it. Have you ever backed up your car a little too quickly without paying attention and hit something, that we all agree had no business being there? And yet, that pole, curb, rock or car still left a mark on your car. Your car has been stamped on. Now that you have that image in mind, let’s get back to our dial. An arm presses the plate perpendicularly to cut out the dial and, thanks to a negative matrix, also leave the desired grain or symbol.

Furlan Marri Black Sector Markers
Furlan Marri Black Sector Dial

We can’t talk about the vintage style of the dial without mentioning the case. To me, it is an absolute beauty. Its alternating polished and brushed finish plays with the light. To obtain the best finish, the lugs of the case have been made separately. They are linked by bridges that can be seen at 12 and 6 o’clock and on which are engraved the name of the brand, the serial number of the model and the production number.

Furlan Marri Black Sector N0000
Furlan Marri 20202

All these finishes and this attention to detail are at the service of an emotion: joy.

A journey, our journey

End of June 2032

6 a.m.

Vallée de Joux

The sun is slowly beginning to rise above the valley’s peaks. The leather of the car seat is still fresh and the slight creaking of the crank on my window calls for the roar of the engine. Elbow to the door, time seems to have stopped.

With each turn to the right, my eyes see my watch. Its four Breguet-like markers light up when the light hits them, accentuated by the black background of my sector dial. Its cow horns give relief to the light and fit perfectly on my wrist. Since I started wearing it, I can’t feel it. It is part of me and my history. Its timeless look allows me to wear it on any occasion.

Furlan Marri Ref 2116-A
Furlan Marri Black Sector 2116-A
Ref 2116-A Furlan Marri

As I drive through the miles, I pass through all those villages and small towns that once counted among their inhabitants some of the great names in watchmaking. I see these great names, forgotten because they were artisans in the shadows, when I look at my Black Sector. If this watch did not belong to my father, it will most probably be on the wrist of one of my children.

My first contact with the piece was at an EPHJ fair. The piece had just been announced but you had to wait until June 24, 2022 to pre-order a piece. The image became reality. Andrea handed me the watch, time slowed down and my glance dived. After putting it on my wrist, it was love at first sight. However, I still had to wait a little while before I could get my own. I remember it like it was yesterday. From June 24, 2022 and for 10 days, we had the opportunity to pre-order one. This deadline was not to be missed because after that, only the number of pre-orders would be produced. As soon as it opened, I crossed my fingers that the site would hold and that my order would go through. For only 1250 CHF HT, I offered myself a piece of history and watchmaking art.

Black Sector Furlan Marri

It was worth the wait!

From mega-quartz to mechanical, while remaining classic, what is Furlan Marri preparing for us? Now that the classic codes have been mastered, “crafted with care, designed for details” will be able to take off. Time will tell, but the brand’s beginnings are already very promising!