Moser & Cie and its new aerodynamic perpetual calendar

Streamliner Perpétual Calendar de Moser & Cie

The Moser & Cie brand currently has four collections, each with its own DNA and universe, and which together form the spirit of the Schaffhausen brand.

However, recently one of these collections was incomplete with only a three-hand and a chronograph.

One, two, three and four, here we are! From now on, each collection has a perpetual calendar within their ranks.

Let us tell you the story of the Streamliner Perpetual Calendar.

From an email to a private presentation, through the handeling 

Streamliner Perpétual Calendar

Some get a call to go on adventure, while others have the adventure knocking to their door. For us, it was a notification. Not any notification! That day, we received a email from Moser putting us in the confidence.

First of all, we’re flattered to know that this renowned brand we appreciate trusts us. Without knowing it at the time, that email was to become a door on a new adventure. An adventure which would allow us to travel through time and space.

Three pictures, some text and a link, nothing more!

We hasten to read the text entitled: The fusion of two icons.

A tempting title, especially when we talk about watches. In one page, it describes the sources of inspiration as well as the technical characteristics of the Streamliner Perpetual Calendar. And this is where our adventure begins.

Like adventurers, we tried to fully understand that novelty. Was it easy? No! This watch is full of surprises and Edouard Meylan was a great help. During a private presentation, he shared with us the technical challenges his teams faced with the HMC 812 movement.

Mouvement Streamliner

In a few lines, you’ll understand why we did travel through time thanks to this watch.

As he could not limit himself to photos, Edouard invited us to meet him in Geneva to take in hand the last-born. Train tickets bought and the sun on our backs, Geneva here we are!

Aerodynamism and visual simplicity

What a perfect parallel between the train that dropped us off in Geneva and the train’s design that inspired the Streamliner Perpetual Calendar.

Indeed, the watch has a double hook in the past. Let us explain it to you.

The first one is about the trains’ design from the 20’s and 30’s. They are called the Streamliners because of their lines shaped to reduce the air resistance. Less there is resistance to the air, faster the train can go.

The second one is about the Perpetual 1, a watch presented by the brand in 2005 which won the GPHG’s Complicated Watch prize in 2006. As a reminder, in that same collection the Streamliner Flyback Chronograph won the same prize in the 2020 edition. Will the Streamliner Perpetual Calendar complete that awards list? What do you think?

Personally, we find the inspiration in the trains’ design from the 20’s and 30’s complete.

Technically speaking, a train is complex and so is the movement for a perpetual calendar. Even more so when you want to offer the best possible experience. Put aside your user manual and trust your instinct, you too will succeed in setting its time. Everything is set through the crown. The most erudite among you will be able to explain in comments why the setting a perpetual calendar can be a true Chinese puzzle.

Couronne Streamliner

The 168 hours of power reserve as well as the 18 000 vibrations of that mechanical watch echo the speed and long distances covered by these trains.

Last but not least, there’s its decorations. Having the watch on the wrist, you look into it and the sunray fumé dial catches your look, lead it to the sunray brushed bezel and end its journey on the strap. True piece of engineering, the strap has been machined to perfectly fit the shape of your wrist. As for its vertical brushing, it makes a single element of it with the 42,3mm cushion-shaped case.

Streamliner Moser & Cie

Have you noticed? Aerodynamics rules have out it at 4 o’clock. Of course, we talk about the crown. Discreet, everything happens though it and thanks to the crown, the watch can come to life.

If you paid attention, you would have noticed its five hands. One at 10 o’clock to indicate the power reserve and four others right in the center of the dial. The biggest one shows the seconds. Those for the hours and minutes are three-dimensional and slightly curved, allowing the sunray aspect of the dial to be highlighted. The three-dimension also highlighted with the domed sapphire crystal. This whole gives the impression that the hands are about to go crazy and make the watch fly away right in front of us.

But that’s not it! We noticed it after a time, but there’s indeed a fifth hand. Tiny, it indicates the months. Yes, markers have a double mission: indicates both the hours and the months.

Aiguille des mois Streamliner
Réserve de marche Streamliner

Thanks for coming with us on this journey inside that watch! We hope we’ve took you onboard of our watchmaking adventure.

What do you think about this watch? Share with us your feelings in the comments area!