The Hastroid Supernova Blue confirms HYT’s strategy: the explanation by Davide Cerrato

The third edition of the Geneva Watch Days was for us the opportunity to meet the brands, but also to discover the products that were to be announced. It is on this occasion that we went to HYT.

We had been told about a release, but we wanted to take the watch in hand and talk to its creator before telling you about it.

The place is comfortable, the team is smiling and the exchanges are cordial: it’s a pleasure to see them again. Davide is sitting on my left and in front of us, we have this majestic Hastroid Supernova Blue.

Should I see this novelty as a simple reissue of the Hastroid Green Lazer or as the materialization of a new step taken by the brand in its revival process? Davide will enlighten us.

Davide Cerrato HYT Hastroid Supernova Blue

Davide, what does the Hastroid Supernova Blue represent for HYT? 

The Hastroid Supernova Blue is very interesting because we are in the middle of a revival and we are in a bit of a beta testing phase. We’re going to look for our potential areas of strength. So, we decided to do things, executions that are very much in the spirit of HYT as for example for the Green laser with green composite, bright colors and a very futuristic design and very sporty.

In the same time, we continue to explore a less extreme universe with more classic and easier to wear colors like this blue of the Hastroid Supernova Blue. If its design is more classic, its technicality and its components make it a HYT watch.

If the design of this Hastroid Supernova Blue is different from other pieces that HYT has been able to offer throughout this year of revival, it has the mission to seduce a wider audience.

HYT is a brand that is going to build itself in the future, that looks to the future, and that is going to write the watchmaking of tomorrow.

Davide being a creative, he is guided by a vision, by a spirit. But he is also the director of the brand. This spirit must be channeled in order to offer coherent collections that can find buyers. The commercial perspective must not be lost sight of.

HYT Hastroid Supernova Blue

Why did you want this watch to be created?

I wanted this watch to be because it is a marker of the moment that the brand is experiencing in this period of research and experimentation during which I sniff, I feel, I grope for spaces of expression. These watches mark out the path we are on.

During this first year, we looked in different directions. From colors to styles, from materials to complications, everything is an opportunity to capture everything that comes from it and allows us to have the fundamental elements for the good construction of the brand. 

The Hastroid collection is the classic branch of the brand, while the Moon Runner collection lays the foundation for its complications branch. All of this, of course, in the HYT style.

Since the watch is destined to leave the brand and end up on the wrist of an enthusiast, what do you want him to feel when wearing it?

Indeed, the watch has two lives. The first one is during its making. This is when my creativity takes shape and the watch is born. After that, it leaves us to end up on the wrist of an enthusiast. Above all, I want its owner to feel pleasure and to understand the rarity (only 27 pieces will be offered for sale), the originality and the elegance of his piece.

 But also, that the owner feels invested in the desire to participate in the construction of the brand. There’s a reason why we’ve set up this whole narrative of space exploration. The brand and its customers are one team, driven by a passion and a vision.

Hastroid Supernova Blue by HYT

Since the beginning of the year, we have seen two types of watches with modularity in common. Is this choice of strategy starting to be successful?

I have to say that since we presented the Hastroid Supernova Blue, it has been quite successful. This is a confirmation because, as you know, we built the whole design project on the idea of modularity.

As an example, the case is made of about fifty components. It is this plurality that allows modularity and customization. 

So we started on a good basis. This concept allows us with very few materials to obtain about twenty different variations, each with a slightly different spirit.

With this in mind, HYT must not lose itself in the continuous customization. It must offer real novelties, otherwise it risks losing its charm.

Davide Cerrato Hastroid Supernova Blue HYT
Hastroid Supernova Blue HYT

What did you enjoy most during the process of creating the watch?

In reality, it’s the fact of seeing the watches materialize. The moment when the pieces are assembled in the workshop is for me a magical moment. What I had imagined during the creation period finally takes shape.

So there it is, I had the pleasure of experiencing this moment at the workshop a couple of days ago.

When Davide told me these words, I could see in his eyes a form of pleasure and pride. His baby was born and not only did it correspond to what he had imagined, it was also a success. Isn’t that what every creative is looking for?

On this watch, what is the message that HYT wants to pass on?

It’s a fantastic variation of the new brand’s expressions with all the characteristics of the new design: ergonomics, lightness and portability, as well as uniqueness with a really unique, different, very strong and very sporty look. And then on this declination as elegant as portable.

This Hastroid Supernova Blue shows that the brand has understood the importance of offering a complete and balanced product range. However, it must remain avant-garde by offering its interpretations of complications.

The balance between creative crazyness, made explicit by the Moon Runner, and classicism in the HYT’s way with the Hastroid is, in my opinion, the key to the brand’s success.

I would like to take the opportunity of this article to thank all the HYT team for their welcome during this event and to congratulate them for this new launch.

If you have any questions, come and ask them in the comments and we’ll try to get them to the brand.