How to create a watch brand?

The amazing story of Furlan Marri

From a brand I visited online to now a showroom located in the heart of the watch industry, in the center of Geneva. Furlan Marri is the kind of company that makes its mark and quickly settles in the industry as if it had always been there.

Brand of all the records, Furlan Marri fascinates me and I decided to dive in its heart to understand what Andrea and Hamad had to put in place to reach this success. I take this opportunity to thank them for their time and explanations.

Let’s find out what their secrets are.

The product is the heart and soul of the company

In a previous article, we returned on the origins and the triggers of the creation of Furlan Marri. I invite you to read it to know more and understand what we will explain here.

The watch is what your customers will buy and, in the digital world we live in, most of our purchases are made before we have even picked up the product. The contact with the product is done through the screen, the communication work must be meticulous.

To differentiate themselves, Hamad and Andrea decided to communicate on the motivations that triggered this creation. They personified the product allowing us to identify more easily with it. I invite you to watch the video below to understand what I am talking about.

After having seduced a large number of enthusiasts, the hardest part remains to be done. You have to maintain interest in the brand until the first products are delivered. How did they manage this episode?

Once again, it’s all about transparency and understanding your customer, which involves at least 2 things.

The first one is communication. To maintain this interest in the brand, Andrea and Hamad have communicated on the evolution of the production and its progress. The enthusiast feels involved and above all, he is able to share information about the product that he should receive in X time. It is a human need that should not be missed and that they have taken into account.

The second is preparation. The Kickstarter campaign is only one step in the project. What comes afterwards must also be managed and this requires knowledge of the tools you use and that you will use in the future.

So, content creation is the key to maintaining that brand appeal. However, this content must add value to the community. They want to learn more about the brand and they want to get intimate with the brand to reinforce the connection they made when they bought one or several watches.

To meet this natural desire, you have to create content about the brand, keep them informed about its evolution and participation in events. It is also necessary to immerse the community in the heart of the product by letting them discover details of the watches that some of them wear.

Furlan Marri Blue

However, this technique is not endless and has its limits. This is why these moments must be anticipated. Concerning Furlan Marri, they were creative, as for example at the time of the release of the automatic, by proposing – within the framework of a partnership with Initium – to the customers to assemble their own watch. So, this is another theme that can be explored in these moments of respite.

Managing this heart and soul

To be operational and able to handle such a large amount of demand, you have to centralize. Andrea and Hamad could receive up to a thousand messages a month.

To deal with it, you need to find the tools that give you a dashboard and a holistic view of your project.

From the management of orders to their follow-up, through social networks and their numerous messages, everything must be present.

Now that you have the dashboard, you need to know your customer by listening to them to get information that will allow you to optimize the process. For example, if a question comes up regularly, you will create a standard answer that will be given each time the question is asked. This way, you show your customers or potential customers that you are listening to them.

If Furlan Marri seduced a great number of enthusiasts, it is because its product answered a desire.

It all starts with the product and, even if everything happens online, the consumer has the ability to detect if the product has been made with passion and care. This is done through the sources of inspiration that you will put forward, showing a form of honesty, but also through the information present on the website and its quality.

Furlan Marri honors little-known artisans like François Borgel, finding inspiration in their work and mentioning them.

Furlan Marri Fond de boite

But well before the official launch of the project, Furlan Marri has surveyed the market. They went to meet those who had already been there.

Ask them questions, try to understand their journey to be more aware. Dig, listen and ask questions, and don’t forget to ask your potential clients. Confront those who have the knowledge to push you to your limits so that your project can be refined and improved.

Your close circle of friends and family will not be of much help. Go to people who do not know you and who will give you a neutral and insightful opinion.

From digital to a showroom, the brand’s next challenges

If Andrea and Hamad were initially looking for an office, it was chance that made this showroom possible. Such an opportunity could not be ignored and they jumped on it.

”It allows us to have an office, a showroom and an encounter space. It is here that the Furlan Marri universe will be able to fully express itself.”

What comes next is both motivating and surprising. When I asked about the next challenges, Andrea’s eyes lit up. The only information he was able to share with me was that a crazy project is being prepared with two renowned independent watchmakers. What will they come up with? Everything remains a secret and the suspense is still there.

Stay tuned