Formex Field, synonymous with expedition

I was captivated by the patina of their dials. By taking inspiration from the vintage style of the machines for the 6 different dials of this new collection, the Formex teams managed to create a strange feeling. When I took them and looked at them, I had the feeling that I had already experienced something with them. 

But what are we talking about here?

Come on, I’ll take you with us on a new adventure!

FORMEX Field Grise
FORMEX Field Rouge
FORMEX Field Noire
FORMEX Field Violete
FORMEX Field Verte
FORMEX Field Bleue

An original encounter

A wooden table, a friendly atmosphere and the 6 pieces of the FIELD collection before us. Like inanimate beings, they are waiting to be manipulated to come to life.

I have been waiting for this collection for many months now. During our visit in September, Raphael had shared with us some information about it.

A collection for adventurers that would be called Field. That’s all it took for me to imagine myself on an expedition. I saw this collection as a way, a key to get out of my comfort zone and go towards them. To go to their natural habitat. They are not made to be experienced in the studio. You have to go and meet them to fully experience their usefulness.

You can see your watch as a tool that tells time, but also as a way to remind you of an important step in your life. I see the Field as a way to get out of my daily life. It’s the key to tenfold possibilities. The case, bezel and crown are made of grade 2 titanium and hardened to withstand the elements. They are prepared to face it.

Keep your excitement in check, it’s not time for the expedition yet. For the moment, we observe. We use the macro lens to discover the world protected by the sapphire glass, the curves of the case, the bezel and the crown.

FORMEX Field Serie Bleue
FORMEX Field Serie Noire

6 eyes observe us. One is charcoal colored, one is petrol blue, one is ash gray, one is mahogany red, one is sage green and one is Ultra Violet. They all have the same style and each one its own personality. My eye went straight to the mahogany red. Its shade is neither too bright nor too dull, yet it captivates me. There is a kind of lightness that comes out of it. It’s as if time has taken its toll and improved it.

The lightness caused by the titanium focuses my gaze on the dial, running along the track and dipping into each slightly depressed marker. Added to this are its upward curved edges allowing for better readability as your eye surfs over the edge to get to the indications. The old radium style Super Luminova (100% safe) present on the hands and markers brings a warm softness to the dial. You feel almost reassured, the piece does not assault your eyes because it is made to be at your side.

Now that we’ve met them, it’s time to get to the serious part.

An expedition to the heart of their natural habitat

It’s a good thing because the menu includes a fondue in a mountain refuge. The green sage and the red mahogany dress our wrists. We jump in our car to leave Bienne to go lose ourselves in the canton of Vaud.

Your steps sink into the snow, as does your neck in your scarf. You move forward in the dark. And yes, a fondue in the mountains and in the middle of January, you have to earn it.

The night has enveloped the mountain burying your look in a black and white landscape. My mind wanders, juggling from one idea to another, from one memory to another. Time is suspended. It’s wonderful what nature can do to you. You feel very small and your condition forces you to adapt.

Based on this good moment, the two Field went with us to Paris and we decided to continue using these two opportunities. Why continue to observe them sitting at a desk when the forest is not far away?

Tourbillon Watch Expedition ft FORMEX
Tourbillon Watch Expedition avec FORMEX

The sound of the engine stops, the cold rushes into the car as we open the doors, it’s the beginning of the adventure. Get out of your comfort zone, get away from civilization to find that feeling of lightness.

The weather is wet, the earth has not yet had time to dry and you have to be careful where you put your foot not to fall. Step after step, the noise of the city goes away to leave place to the one of the forest. In the bend of a way, we decide to sink in a plot of land, thus leaving the traces left by men to plunge in the heart of the forest.

Let yourself be carried along by the evolution of the land and at some point, your look will stop, it is here and nowhere else that you will stop.

There you are, sitting with your feet by the fire, gazing into the flames. A moment of pause and ecstasy when one piece of information comes to the surface: the choice of the Field’s movement, the Sellita SW200-1.

With its 41 hours of power reserve and its small date at 6 o’clock, this movement is not complex. It has proven itself and can be repaired by any watchmaker. I find this choice very interesting because it fits perfectly in the watch universe. In an adventure your tools should help you in your expedition, not slow you down. I don’t expect Mike Horn to disagree with me on that. We’ll try to find a way to ask him.

Tourbillon Watch Adventure Forest
Tourbillon Watch Adventure Forest Formex 1
Tourbillon Watch Adventure Forest fire
Tourbillon Watch Adventure Forest formex watches

If life goes on and our expedition had to come to an end, it did exist and it allowed you to live it through these few lines. To share with you a tecnical sheet would have not make sense and would take us away from the essence of this collection.

It’s your turn to imagine what you would do. Dare to leave your comfort zone, the Field is just an opportunity!