The Formex Essence ThirtyNine Malachite

A question of contrast for this 3rd creation

After the Field collection, it is the turn of the Essence collection to be full of colors.

Today, the Formex Essence ThirtyNine Malachite adds to the ranks of the collection while bringing freshness. The contrast between its steel case and the green of its dial makes it bright and chic.

This release comes at the right time. A few weeks ago, we shared with you an article on the level of attention to detail that the brand has and which is embodied, among other things, by the patent of their micro-adjustment clasp. This new model is no exception to this approach, and it too has this micro-adjustment clasp, in addition to offering a dial in malachite, a gemstone with soft shades of green.

This malachite dial is the 3rd natural dial creation. It comes after the Space Rock and its meteorite dial, and the Essence “Nacre” with its mother-of-pearl dial. This creative choice shows the desire that drives the brand to always offer better at a competitive price. They achieve this through a direct relationship with their customers and through a network of close suppliers. We were able to see this during a shooting.

A watch for everyday use

The green shades of the malachite coupled with the 39-millimeter steel case and its sporty chic shape make this novelty wearable in everyday life. It is both discreet and sporty in the purity of its design, colors and shapes.

At only 10mm high, it fits perfectly under any sweater or jacket sleeve. The lugs fit snugly around your wrist and the micro-adjustment clasp makes it as comfortable as possible to wear.

Available with a selection of 5 straps, ranging from steel to leather to rubber. My favorite version is the one with the rubber strap which provides a contrast between the chic side of the dial and the sporty side of the rubber. Perfect cocktail to make the watch unique and wearable on a daily basis.

Formex Essence ThirtyNine Malachite on rubber
Formex Essence ThirtyNine Malachite rubber

Unique because of its dial. Each dial has its own characteristics. No two of the 100 watches that will be produced per year will be alike.

This rarity adds to the spirit of the brand and I really like this cocktail. When I wear a Formex, I don’t want to feel limited and both the COSC certification of the movement and the 316L stainless steel of the case give me this freedom. So, I have a unique watch on my wrist that can accompany me every day. It is this value proposition that sets Formex apart from other watch brands.

A new step for the brand

With this new release, the brand’s style is asserting itself day after day. Since its takeover, Raphaël’s teams have been keen to refine the brand’s style to make it timeless and sporty.

The stylistic codes of the Essence collection are once again found in this novelty. They include the choice of sword-shaped hands filled with SuperLuminova in their center, but also the markers, the horizontal stripes on the dial and the small date at 6 o’clock. All this in a thin case with rounded and light curves. This minimalism must not be at the expense of legibility, which is ensured here by the contrast of the steel hands and markers with the dial.

Essence ThirtyNine Malachite dial Formex
Formex Essence ThirtyNine Malachite dial

Each of the 3 collections of the brand complement each other. The sportier Reef complements the ruggedness of the Field, which in turn is complemented by the chic of the Essence. Each in their own field illustrates the fusion of high-tech and high-performance materials that drives the brand, bridging the gap between what is in a very high price range and the desires of their customers. This dial is a perfect example. There are few such proposals at such a price. You can expect to pay either $1650 with the leather or rubber strap or $1750 with the stainless-steel bracelet.

This 3rd creation of natural dial demonstrates the creative freedom of the brand. Year after year, it strengthens its position in the watchmaking landscape and demonstrates its seriousness with this kind of creation. We can only wonder what they will propose next. What other materials will they turn to? The question remains and I let you give me your opinion in comments.

Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who worked on this project. It is a success and I am proud to see the brand grow and evolve so well.

Long live independent watchmaking!