David Candaux, the Solliat’s watchmaker:

The story of an encounter

We discovered this man through a friend who was to be his intern. Intrigued by his name and our ignorance, we’ve search, and we’ve been marked by his logotype. That bear head look a lot like David.

David Candaux logo

Months and years have gone by and the Candaux name didn’t came to mind nor ears.

One day, John-Mikael Flaux called us to inform us that he’ll be in the AHCI’s book, he did work on it with the same David Candaux and that we really had to meet him. Back on social medias, the logotype came back to mind, making us travelling back in time.

All sings are green, we must meet this David Candaux. Message send, let’s wait for the reply.

Fate was for us to meet, so we received an answer. A few discussions later, we decide to record a podcast because we feel that his life and vision of watchmaking are worth to be shared.

Thanks to covid, we had to adapt and record the podcast remotely. David in his workshop in Switzerland and us in Paris. All was clear for the podcast to be a good watchmaking moment.

David Candauax

David Candaux

Horloger Indépendant

Emerveillés par ses créations et la qualité de ses montres, nous sommes allés à la rencontre de David Candaux. Nous voulions comprendre son histoire et sa vision de l'horlogerie pour pouvoir mieux apprécier son travail... Partez dès maintenant à sa rencontre et embarquez dans notre discussion !

You can find that episode (only in French) just here, or directly on every listening platform.

In addition to be someone charming and talkative, his watchmaking culture is truly gold. Every minute of the discussion, we were all ears while our memories were recording each moment.

At the end of the podcast, we received an invitation. If we were to come in Switzerland to see his latest watch in his workshop, he would make us a true Swiss fondue. It was all we had to hear, a few weeks later we were in a train for Vallorbe.

When we met

It’s late and dark but here we are. We see in shadows the machines, the workbenches, the books and everything needed for a watch to be created. However, the exploration and discovery will have to wait for the morning, first let’s sleep.

David Candaux, horloger du Solliat

The sun lights up that creative space. Wood tint and openings are making it pleasant and conducive to creation. We immersed ourselves in his universe and took the time to understand David, what drives him and what he transmits in his watches. Life has to be fully lived without any concession in what we do. Your life is yours, you’re the architect. Nothing is impossible, you just have to go step by step.

If David hadn’t started with the drawings, his watches wouldn’t exist, he wouldn’t have become an independent watchmaker and we wouldn’t be writing these few lines today.

Before putting one of his watches on your wrist, discover all his work and lost yourself into his creations.

David’s style

DC7 Genesis Titane
DC7 Genesis

To explain his style, let’s take the DC7 Genesis as an example. It starts on the 6 o’clock location with the magical crown composed by no less than 31 components. A simple pression from your finger and it rises for you to wind the watch or simply to set the time.

Then take a look at 12 o’clock to find a bi-plane tourbillon inclined at 3° to the dial. Inside its frame, you’ll find the balance inclined of an additional at 30°. And of course, in addition to the tourbillon, you will find the seconds indication. After all, why make something simple when you can complicate it?

DC7 Genesis Tourbillon
Tourbillon and subsidiary seconds of the DC7 Genesis

These technical choices and this stylistic search show perfectly who David is. Starting from scratch, not using any exiting movement basis and letting his creativity talks allow him to be who he really is. There is no place for concession.

If you want to know more about that watch, we invite you to watch le Instagram Live we did with David by clicking here.

You can also watch our video about David and his universe by clicking here.

These few lines are to give you to opportunity to see these watches with a new eye. Admire the work done. It’s this kind of encounter and pieces we have at heart to share on Tourbillon Watch.

As it’s always a pleasure to talk and discuss with you, the comments area is yours!

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