A look at the collaboration between Singer Reimagined and Perpétuel Gallery with Marco Borraccino and Hamdan Alhudaidi

Are there healthy collaborations?

At the end of 2022, the Flytrack Perpetual Limited Edition SR107 is born and seals the first collaboration between the Geneva-based brand Singer Reimagined and the Dubai-based retailer Perpétuel Gallery.

We went to meet Marco Borraccino and Hamdan Alhudaidi to ask them about this creation and let their experience serve as an example and source of inspiration.

Let’s leave room for human adventure and watchmaking passion!

Tourbillon Watch: What is the brand’s philosophy on collaboration and how is this reflected in your choice of partners?

Marco: First of all, we only work with partners who are able to understand and transmit our philosophy. The product will be the image of this meeting and that’s why I need to have a real human relationship. That’s why our partners become and are above all friends and supporters of the brand.

In the case of this collaboration with Perpétuel Gallery, we already knew each other with Melika Yazdjerdi and Hamdan Alhudaidi. All the lights were green for a collaboration to see the day. Humanly and on the customer relationship aspect, we are perfectly aligned.

Melika Yadzerdi
Hamdan Alhudaidi

Tourbillon Watch: What was the process of creating this watch and how was it received by customers?

Marco: Like every true collaboration, we composed the idea for this beautiful piece together. And I have to tell you that I had a lot of fun during the whole creative discussion. I was with two friends and we were talking about a subject that all three of us are passionate about. It couldn’t have been a more ideal situation.

This pleasure is felt in the watch and I am proud of it. It was well felt by the customers because the limited series of 10 pieces was sold out in 48 hours!

It just goes to show that when passion is injected into products, it’s always a success.

Singer x Perpétuel Gallery

We let you discover Hamdan.

Tourbillon Watch: Could you define your passion for watchmaking? 

Hamdan: Watchmaking is no less than art. It is the art of creating, engineering, assembling & designing. The whole process is beautiful & fascinating from start to the final steps when the first beat ticks. Witnessing the first movement of balance wheel & spring is just fascinating, I wonder how the watchmaker feels!!!

Tourbillon Watch: In your opinion, what made this piece and this collaboration a success? 

Hamdan: The beautiful design, the stunning color combination, the special numerals, the two-tone case colors, the beautiful mechanism & finally the price point that encouraged collectors to tap into Singer watches giving them an opportunity to explore the rest of the references.

Tourbillon Watch: What is your definition of a beautiful watch?

Hamdan: A beautiful design with special colors starting from the dial mainly to external seen components that clearly shows an inspiration or a reflection of whom the designs or colors are inspired by. Of course, the movement that collectors enjoy looking at every time they look at the case back is another component that adds to the beauty of the watch. 

Tourbillon Watch: What are the conditions for a collaboration between Perpetuel Gallery and a watch brand? 

Hamdan: Knowing what the market needs in the region, knowing our collectors’ taste & what they wish to add in their collection. We are very selective in whom we collaborate with to bring the best results in meeting their objectives & satisfying as much collectors as we can. That strategy goes with small micro brands, mid-range and high end. We have been getting a lot of requests from many brands to collaborate with, but we try our very best to represent, collaborate and work with brands that will stratify and bring joy to our collectors.

Tourbillon Watch: What do you like about Singer? 

Hamdan: I like the unique designs of Singer watches that clearly identifies with the brand today. I love the shape of the watch, the case construction, the mechanism construction & most importantly as the amazing chronograph of Singer Watches. 

Tourbillon Watch: What message do you want to share through this collaboration? 

Hamdan: That Singer’s watches are absolutely stunning in my humble opinion as collector and I have always loved their watches since few years. I have always loved the “Track 1” and when we got introduced to the “FlyTrack”, we agreed that’s an absolutely amazing watch & the best way to introduce the “Brand” to our collectors. Through this new reference, using a design that would reflect our Theme somehow being one of the strategic partners of Singer Reimagined. As expected, the results were absolutely great, we have sold out immediately, and we still have impressive numbers of demand, sadly we couldn’t satisfy most of our collectors but we will try to make it up in future releases. 

Tourbillon Watch: Do you have a memory to share that you experienced during the development of this collaboration? 

Hamdan: Of course, I do! I remember when we signed with Singer Reimagined more than a year ago, and started talking about the collaboration, we had ideas in mind and we started taking about the colors of the dial and the colors of pusher & crown whether doable or not. Few months later when Mr Borraccino showed us the example of the dial, we were amazing & here we knew that we will have good problem of high demand that we would be able to fulfill. 

In conclusion, it is clear that the collaboration between Singer Reimagined and the retailer Perpétuel Gallery has been a real success. According to Marco Borraccino and Hamdan Alhudaidi, the key to this success is above all the human relationship that exists between the two parties, as well as the common passion for watchmaking. The collaboration has resulted in a unique watch that has been enthusiastically received by customers. This experience shows that when there is a real connection and a common passion, it is possible to create healthy collaborations that have a positive impact on both parties.