The arrival of a permanent collection, a new step for Furlan Marri?

Our first meeting with Hamad and Andrea took place a few months ago. Their profiles, their creativity, their watches and their success have always captured our attention. On many occasions, I had the chance to talk with these two creative people.

Their products are very well finished and we witnessed the level of detail they have for their watches. From the reflection of the light on the case to the rounding of the railroad tracks, everything is done. Each encounter was an opportunity for us to learn a little more about watchmaking.

While 11 different watches may have been created in just over a year and each one may have been an opportunity to learn, I was always impressed with their brand management. They seemed to follow a magic recipe. I wanted to understand that recipe to advance my knowledge of the brand.

So, on the occasion of the release of a permanent collection, I took the opportunity to interview Hamad and Andrea about this new step they had just taken. We discussed the first steps of the brand, the triggers of this collection and the challenges it represents.

Tourbillon Watch: Each launch you do is an event in the watch enthusiast community. Before July 2022, each launch was limited in time and number of watches.

Why did you launch Furlan Marri with limited editions?

Furlan Marri: We have to go back to where we started. We started Furlan Marri on Kickstarter. In 30 days, we had to reach our goals. Even though we exceeded it by a wide margin, it allowed us to imagine this format of limited editions. They were not necessarily editions with a limited number of watches but in limited time.

Based on this experience, we decided to limit the number of days rather than the number of orders. In my opinion, by giving the consumer the choice to order for 10 days, we reduce the risk of frustration.

After that the orders will be taken and the production launched. 

Indeed, by limiting only the duration of the order, you leave the choice to the consumer and the frustration of not being able to get a watch is thus limited. 

Furlan Marri nero sabbia
Furlan Marri rosso grigio
Furlan Marri castagne

Since July 2022, 3 models constitute what I call your permanent collection. The Nero Sabbia, the Rosso Grigio and the Castagna. What was the trigger for setting up a permanent collection?

The trigger was the reissue of 3 of the 5 Kickstrater models. We were facing a strong demand and the permanent collection seemed to be the most logical and appropriate answer. It was also for us the opportunity to take a new step in the evolution of the brand.

I imagine this high demand is also a source of pleasure since it rewards your work and all your efforts. Was this something you had thought about?

We thought about the permanent collection after the kickstarter and at the time of the Dubai Watch Week. Ephemeral collections are interesting in terms of creativity, but you still need a permanent collection. It is like a base, a pillar on which Furlan Marri can lean. Being two creative people, we could not limit ourselves to these 3 models. That’s why the models of the permanent collection can of course change in time. We would like to specify that this permanent collection does not sign the end of the limited editions.

The most important thing for us is the connection we make with watch lovers and enthusiasts. We consider our permanent collection to be the first paragraph in the history of the brand. We have never been satisfied with the gray market situation, which was the catalyst for the decision to create a permanent collection. We hope the watch lovers will enjoy it.

How does it feel to say that the brand you founded has reached a new milestone with the first permanent collection? This new milestone must be something in your life as an entrepreneur, quite a risk.

The permanent collection was a bit stressful at the beginning, we weren’t sure if it would be popular. In order to have a balance within the collection, we propose a sportier model, the Rosso Grigio, a classic model with a bit of chestnut, the Castagna and finally the Nero Sabbia. This last one, with its single counter, was a risk and we are very happy to see that it pleases a lot. There was some stress, but we made sure to be smart.

It is true that sales are important and essential for any company to ensure its continuity. But with Furlan Marri, sales have never been our main objective. It was, and still is, about connecting with people and making sure that the next step, the next creation reinforces that connection with our customers. This is the key to the longevity of a brand and its success. It’s about demonstrating genuine gratitude and creating an impact that will certainly generate legitimate interest.

Indeed, this direct link with your customers, whether digital or physical, is important to you and it strengthens the attachment of enthusiasts and fans to the brand. And I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you, knowing how much time it takes.

Coming back to the subject, can you tell us a bit more about this: what does it mean to now have a permanent collection?

This permanent edition is a little more stressful than the previous ones. There is a financial stress because we have to advance the funds to launch the production. For a limited edition, the production is launched at the end of the pre-orders and the money from the pre-orders is used to pay for the production.

There is also a slight stress of stock management, but with experience and our partners, we managed to optimize everything. At the beginning of the project there was some stress concerning the desirability of the product. But on that, we were quickly reassured.

Since the beginning of the brand in 2021, there have been no less than 11 references launched. Each one has been a great success and must have given you a better appreciation of the demand and its management. This should be an advantage in managing the stock of the new collection.

About that, how do you manage this stock?

When we have only 100 – 200 watches left in stock, before launching a new production, we will take into account the speed at which the products have sold out. This gives us an indication of the desirability of the product in addition to other elements. Based on these parameters, we can estimate the number of watches to order. After the order has been placed, it takes 3 to 4 months of production before the watches reach the stock.

The arrival of this permanent collection is also an opportunity for Furlan Marri. With this collection we have to grow and thus to reach new customers. We already have strategies in place and we are very happy to see Furlan Marri evolve.

Even though the success of your launch has been widely shared and followed, your customers are largely watch enthusiasts or amateurs. With the arrival of the permanent collection, your objective is to reach a wider range of customers. A great step that we intend to follow closely at Tourbillon Watch.

Thanks again Hamad and Andrea for your time and all these explanations.

Dear reader, I hope this exclusive interview will have allowed you to understand and know a little more the brand. It’s a pleasure to see a young brand like Furlan Marri grow up well.

Did you imagine they would one day offer a permanent collection?