A watchmaking supernova,

The celebration of HYT’s 10th anniversary

To shine, it is at the same time a goal to reach for some and a reason to live for others.

There is one day in the year when the general attention is particularly focused on you. And this day is your birthday. This date is a reminder of your evolution and the passing of time.

It is on the occasion of this celebration that we went to Neuchâtel in HYT’s offices.

10 years, a milestone in the history of a brand?

A new start

In just one year, the brand’s teams have managed to present three new models. The Hastroid Green Laser, the Hastroid Green Nebula and the Moon Runner Supernova Blue. Laying the foundation stones of two new collections. Two pillars on which the brand will rely to build its future.

Speaking of the future, we had the opportunity to get a glimpse of what the brand is preparing for us.

Amazed during the Wonders Week by the brand universe they had managed to recreate in their area, we were not surprised when the teams shared with us the plan to leave their current offices for new ones in which they will be able to fully express their creativity. We’re excited about this simple project and can’t wait to find out what they’re going to do… You can count on us to share it with you.

This relocation is only the tangible part of what drives the teams, and the celebration of this 10th anniversary is the perfect opportunity to analyze what the brand wants to achieve.

The creation and use of a fluidic module is not its only signature. Of course, it is what allows it to definitely stand out from its colleagues, but this module is part of a whole in which Davide Cerrato takes pleasure in expressing himself.

Davide Cerrato

Davide Cerrato


C'est au coeur de Genève, durant la Wonders Week, que nous entamons notre voyage dans l'espace. Chacune des pièces marquent les étapes de ce voyages intergalactique. Chacune est le point de rencontre entre la maitrise de l'art horloger et la science-fiction. Seul HYT peut nous proposer ce genre d'expérience, et qui de mieux placé que Davide Cerrato son CEO, pour nous guider dans ce voyage ?

By returning to the forefront of the watchmaking scene with the Hastroid Green Laser and subsequently the Hastroid Green Nebula and the Moon Runner Supernova Blue, HYT has re-established a balance between design and the mechanical art of watchmaking, allowing it to express itself on two levels and reveal its full creative capabilities.

The choice of space exploration has been made and it is in this universe that the new products are being developed. The celebration of this 10th anniversary could not escape it.

A shining 10th anniversary

The UV light in my hand, I close my eyes. The lights go out and in total darkness, it glows. From the moon to the elements of the case, everything awakens and reveals itself in the darkness.

HYT Montre des 10 ans superluminova
Montre des 1à ans HYT Superluminova

To say this piece is a supernova is not to lie. A supernova is the cataclysmic explosion of a star that, for a time, can shine brighter than an entire galaxy of hundreds of billions of stars. The energy of the light is phenomenal. Of course, it indicates the end of a star, but a supernova also marks the opening of a new era. It is in this perspective that the choice to use the Moon Runner as a base makes sense. HYT has entered a new era.

Montre des 10 ans HYT

Milestones like the 10th anniversary are often an opportunity for a brand to come up with something new. Something that characterizes what it has achieved and accomplished in 10 years. For HYT, their 10th anniversary is an opportunity to reinforce the new direction for potential expressions.

HYT Moon Runner 10 ans
Moon Runner HYT 10 ans

It is by taking it in hand and handling it that I can fully appreciate all the savoir-faire it contains. Its crown at 2:30 makes life easier for the left-handed that I am. When I put it on my wrist, I was surprised by the lightness provided by the carbon case and its ergonomics. Despite its 48mm width, 52.30mm length and 21.80mm thickness, this supernova is easily forgotten when worn. In less than 5 minutes, it is adopted by your wrist. The anti-reflective coating on the sapphire dome makes it invisible when you look at it from the front.

HYT montre des 10 ans

Dear HYT team, it was a pleasure to see you again during our visit. Congratulations for this new promising start and these creations, the balance between design and watchmaking art is found. I hope that this 10th anniversary is just one of many milestones. If the Moon Runner is your reinterpretation of the moon phase and the annual calendar, I can’t wait to discover your next reinterpretations!

There is nothing more to say than to invite you to admire and plunge your eyes into these magnificent creations.