A new Ripples for Speake-Marin’s 20th anniversary

A piece announcing a turning point for the brand?

In March 2022, at Watches and Wonders, Speake-Marin presented the Ripples for the first time. New in the brand’s collections, it reinforces the already present sport chic offer and lays the foundations of the Temptation collection.

Several months have passed since then and in this month of October 2022, on the occasion of the brand’s 20th anniversary, a new Ripples is presented. Its 20g yellow gold dial creates a surprising two-tone that focuses the eye on it while bringing light to the rest of the watch.

The Ripples, with its shape and style, stands out from the other pieces in the other collections. The choice of this piece to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary can be interpreted as a signal of a new creative beginning.

Is this the case? The question can be asked.

Ripples Or 20 ans Speake-Marin

Speake-Marin is 20 years old

Indeed, this anniversary marks the beginning of maturity, the beginning of adult life, of a full and assumed life. With this in mind, it’s not stupid to offer such a watch. It is both traditional, with its movement and finishes, and modern, with its shape neither round nor square and its honey yellow dial. It is almost seductive. With its warm color, it soothes the eyes while inviting us to glide over its waves.

All the codes of the brand are present, including a strong element placed at 1:30, the hands in the shape of a heart, the openworked case back revealing the in-house movement SMA03-T20 and its microblasted, circled, angled and rhodium-plated micro-rotor.

This Ripples is indeed a Speake-Marin watch. But because of its release date, it is much more than that. It announces something. The brand is trying to share a message with us through this watch, but what is it?

Ripples Or Speake-Marin 20 ans

Is this watch there to raise awareness and demonstrate that it is not necessary to take out a classic watch on every symbolic date? It’s the thought I had when I saw it. I wondered about its presence.

What watch would I have made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Speake-Marin?

As I wandered through the 5 collections, I would have most certainly stopped at the Haute Horlogerie. I love their Openworked Tourbillon most of all. It’s a watch that I like and hope will one day grace my wrist.

But what can be proposed on this basis? This is the fateful question that must be asked. And my answer is: I don’t know!

The work that has already been done is perfect and I have nothing else to add.

The Ripples we have in front of us, limited to 50 pieces, is not just the March Ripples with a new dial. The teams had to find and choose the right shade of yellow gold. It had to be neither too bright nor too dull. A good balance easily found on a pantone but difficult to achieve in reality. This shade of yellow had to be homogeneous on the whole dial and during the whole manufacturing process.

What future for the brand?

Our various visits to the brand have given us a good knowledge of it and this event is a good opportunity to look to the future and imagine it through the work that has been done in the past.

At 20 years old, Speake-Marin is a Geneva-based watchmaking house that offers timepieces with a racy, modern style. Since Christelle Rosnoblet joined the company in 2012, the brand has gradually equipped itself with its own movements, allowing it greater creativity and giving it greater independence.

Christelle Rosnoblet

Christelle Rosnoblet


Christelle Rosnoblet n'était pas prédestinée à diriger une marque horlogère. Et pourtant, la marque Speake-Marin est sous sa responsabilité. Nous sommes donc allés à sa rencontre pour vous la faire découvrir et vous immerger au coeur de cette marque. De la construction des collections aux éditions limitées, les sujets et les challenges sont vastes!

It is thanks to this long-term vision that the brand can count today on solid foundations that ensure its independence. An independence that gives it access to an almost unlimited range of possibilities.

In the brand’s collections, we find complications such as the tourbillon, GMT, or the calendar that have been approached and interpreted in the Speake-Marin way. In the next 20 years, other complications will be added to the ranks of the brand’s products, offering an ever-growing range of products. This racy and modern style will always frame their creativity to bring creative homogeneity.

So do as I do, look up from your screen and get thinking. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the Speake-Marin of tomorrow. These are great times and we are witnessing the growth of this brand.

What do you think the Speake-Marin of tomorrow will look like?